Charlotte represents an mean miss and how society was constructing them to be, really insecure and weak ; non prepared for the existent life and the dangers skulking beneath those pleasances. Therefore, it is really easy to snow and score these immature ladies. The term “ scoring ” in this content is defined as alluring non needfully used in a sexual mode but more of a convincing scheme used to make something they would non make on their ain. When Mademoiselle La Rue asked Charlotte to travel with her to a gazebo belonging to a gentlemen she met at church, who had asked her to convey some of the ladies with her, “ she mentioned the gentlemen as a relation, and spoke in such high footings of the elegance of his gardens, the liveliness of his conversations, and the liberalness with which he of all time entertained his invitee, that Charlotte thought merely of the pleasance she would bask in this visit ” ( pg.58 ) . Charlotte was non a miss of bad purposes. As a affair of fact, most of the clip she even regretted traveling because she was astonished at the freedom Mademoiselle La Rue had allowed them to hold and how free the conversation was. In return, this all made her feel uneasy, guilty, thoughtful, and wishing she was back at the safety of her chamber. In this narrative seduction plays a immense function, the idea of suiting into society ‘s outlooks and accomplishing your function as a house married woman was all that affair to these immature ladies ; which made it really easy to convert them that a certain way is the correct without holding to supply many accounts. For many nevertheless, the world was that, “ In personal businesss of love a immature bosom is ne’er in more danger than when attempted by a fine-looking immature soldier ” ( pg. 59 ) . A soldier with many empty promises, a adult male that is dressed nicely and says a twosome of good words to her to do her feel she is in love and believe he is all she needs. He would do her believe in abandoning everything she knows, her household, friends, and virtuousness ; to follow person who possibly has no thought how to be a gentleman and handle a lady like she should be treated, who merely has no thought what life is about himself. All of this merely to suit in with what everyone expects of a adult females. Chiefly in the instance of a soldier, an active member of the armed forces, which in any instance can be sent to support their state, and in many instances pay the ultimate forfeit. In one of the many efforts to halt this calamity from go oning throughout the book, Montraville ‘s male parent says that a soldier has no concern thought of a married woman until he has achieved a rank high plenty that he would non hold to fear losing his life or non holding adequate money to back up himself and his household.

At this clip in America, everything the adult females did was supposed to go around around the work forces. Womans were educated to delight, to educate their immature male childs, to take attention of the work forces when they were grown, to rede and comfort them, to give up everything they had ; these were the responsibilities of adult females, and this is what was taught to them from their babyhood. Making it all they knew of life and this is all they wanted. At the party in the gazebo, Montraville gave Charlotte a missive ; explicating all of his feelings and how he desired merely to be with her. Charlotte knew that reading the missive was a bad thought since her female parent had ever mentioned to her that if she were to have a missive from a immature adult male, she should non read it without given it to her female parent foremost. At which, all Mademoiselle La Rue said was, “ Lord bless you, my beloved miss! Have you a head to be prima strings all your life clip. Prithee open the missive, read it, and justice for yourself ; if you shew it your mother the effect will be you will be taken from school, and a rigorous guard kept over you, so you will stand no opportunity of of all time seeing the smart immature officer once more ” ( pg. 62 ) . La Rue so continues illuming the fire by stating her how Montraville is traveling to war in America and how she will non relieve him by allowing him to believe that she would retrieve him when absent, and pray for his safety. The idea of escapade, love, and one twenty-four hours being a married woman ; were adequate to do this words sound like words of wisdom and being the turning point of her life. As Charlotte read the missive, Mademoiselle eyed her with a malignant pleasance cognizing that she had accomplished her end in converting Charlotte. She saw that the contents of the missive had awakened new emotions in the immature and guiltless miss, and before they parted it was determined that Charlotte was traveling to run into Montraville the following eventide.

If immature adult females at this age were more exposed to world and had more freedom to detect things themselves ; they would hold had a better apprehension of life in general. However, being acknowledged as nil more than a homemaker, they were secluded from normal mundane experiences that would hold taught them many lessons. For illustration, insouciant dating was non allowed and it made you look like a “ rubbishy ” adult female. On the contrary, they had to wait for the one adult male that would state them how beautiful they were and acquire married. In most instances, the adult females would hardly cognize the history behind this adult male with whom they were traveling to pass the remainder of their lives. This must hold sent assorted esthesiss which agitated the adult female ‘s head. In Charlotte ‘s instance it did, the book states that, “ Several times did she about decide to travel to her governess, shew her the missive, and be guided by her advice: but Charlotte had taken one measure in the ways of imprudence, and when that is one time done there are ever countless obstructions to forestall the mistaking individual returning to the way of rectitudeaˆ¦ ” ( pg. 69 ) . If Charlotte would hold gone to her governess or even had experience a similar state of affairs in the yesteryear, she would n’t hold been so despairing or baffled about her determination. Charlotte would oppugn herself, chew overing if she was being thankless for what Mademoiselle was making for her. Nowadays things are really different. In 6th class immature misss all over the state are holding their first “ fellows ” or hold already had a “ fellow ” . Not looking for matrimony or any type of serious committedness but merely larning from experience to fix them for what life is similar. As many say, “ Making errors merely agencies you are larning faster. ”

Charlotte Temple was non every bit fortunate as nowadays adult females are. Her first missive concluded with her doing a atrocious determination, taking to her decease. Like all adult females during that epoch Charlotte, was a victim of society and their outlooks. Of everyone ‘s beliefs, that adult females were merely beautiful and did non hold a expression or could make anything other than being a married woman. She was a victim of tradition, being taught to be nice to her hubby, cook, raise the childs, and take attention of the house. Furthermore, she was a victim of her so called “ friends ” , who gave her what she believed was great advice so turned about and left her with nil but poorness, solitariness, and a babe. The world is that she ne’er truly had any existent support ; from the really get downing she was being misinformed and deceived. Just like many of the other adult females, in hunt of felicity, love, and credence ; left everything they had and gained nil in return.