Dying Hopes The American Dream English Literature Essay

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Prosperity and freedom are the values in which America was founded on. America symbolizes hopes and dreams in which people claim that anyone in America can accomplish with difficult work. The foundation of America is based on equality and the American Dream. The American Dream is the thought that people can accomplish their ends through difficult work and unrecorded happy lives. This is besides expanded to being able to be treated with equality no affair what your ethnicity is. “ The thought of an American Dream is older than the United States, dating back to the 1600 ‘s when people began to come up with all kinds of hopes and aspirations for the new and mostly undiscovered continent. ” During the 1920 ‘s many immigrants came to America draw a bead oning to accomplish this dream. They wanted a topographic point to name their ain, and successful occupations where they would hold adequate money to feed their households. This is much like George and Lennie ‘s dream of having the small spread with the coneies. However, the world of the American Dream was non what it was all thought out to be. People coming America during the 1920 ‘s where ignorant and taken advantage of ; much like the spread hands in Of Mice and Men. Peoples were besides discriminated against even though America was founded on the thoughts of equality. Women and African Americans were seen as inferior ; much like Curly ‘s married woman and Crooks. During this clip in history, the canonized thoughts of the American Dream were non true. The world of the American Dream was mostly dependent on societal standing and economic background.

American civilization is made of a great diverseness of people. Under the Constitution it says that all work forces our created equal, but that is merely non the instance with the manner favoritism was in the 1920 ‘s. During this clip there was a great migration of of non-protestant Europeans to America ; Jews and Catholics. Many hatred groups committed offenses against these people, like the Klu Klux Klan. Not merely was faith discriminated against, but race was every bit good. Hispanics and inkinesss did non hold the same rights as white males. They were treated as inferior for being different. Jim Crow Torahs in the South made it legal to segregate black people from Whites. Not merely were minority races separated and non treated with equality, but were besides given hurtful racial names. Womans were another minority group during this clip. They were non given the same rights as work forces. Womans suffragists fought for their rights during this clip period. John Steinbeck portrays favoritism in the 1920 ‘s in Of Mice and Men. In this fresh all of the ranch custodies live in hapless conditions ; they live in rundown bunk houses. However, the conditions Crooks lives in are far more worse. He lives in the barn around the Equus caballus manure. The lone activities Crooks is allowed to be involved in is working and playing Equus caballus places. It is even unheard of for him to come in the white rancher ‘s bunk house. “ Crooks ‘ response to segregation is intended to demo the consequences of favoritism. Crooks becomes a separationist, if he is non allowed in the bunkhouse, so the work forces are non allowed in his room. ” -Stella Mcintyre. Besides, this novel shows how adult females were seen in the 1920 ‘s. Curly ‘s married woman is non even given a name in this book. She is merely seen as a sex symbol and gaol come-on. The work forces on the spread refer to her as a “ prostitute ” . The character she is given is non even true to her personality, she truly aspires to do something of herself and be an actress. However, she is suck at that place because she married Curly and it is seen as if he owns her. This shows how small of their lives adult females has control of in the 1920 ‘s. This besides show that the American Dream ‘s facet of equality was non every bit true as it seemed.

In Of Mice and Men, the spread is a microcosm for the capitalist society of the 1920 ‘s. Immigrants in the 1920 ‘s expected to come to America and have their ain land and do a good life. However, the world of this was that the people they worked for merely used them for their ain addition. The employers paid their workers every bit small as possible so their concern could thrive while the workers suffered. The workers ne’er got anyplace in capitalist concerns because they were seen as portion of the rhythm of maintaining America ‘s economic system running. The affluent spread proprietors in Of Mice and Men are seen as the Capitalist employers who use their workers strictly for their ain addition. The ranch workers are seen as the people seeking to back up themselves unsuccessfully. When they became to weak to work, they ranchers were merely canned. This represents the thoughts of Social Darwinism in the 1920 ‘s, merely the fittest members of society will last. The American Dream says with difficult work people will thrive, but during the 1920 ‘s difficult work did non derive success. It got people stuck in dead terminal occupations where they could be easy replaced when they worked to decease.

Machine Foremans took advantage of peoples ‘ stupidity in the 1920 ‘s. They helped immigrants acquire a topographic point to work and a topographic point to remain. This all was seemly good, nevertheless, they asked in return for political support for their campaigners who did non back up difficult working people. These new immigrants did non care though, every bit long as they had a occupation and money. In the terminal, immigrants ended up losing everything because the occupations they were given were non unafraid and the people they voted for did non back up them. This is parallel to how the ranch workers were manipulated on the spread. The ranch custodies were caught up in the racial play with Crooks to see the existent job which was the affluent proprietors. With this preoccupation, they could non see that they were traveling nowhere remaining at the spread working because the lone intent they served for the spread proprietors was to do them money. This shows how during the 1920 ‘s in America, the occupations were non for the difficult working people to derive any thing. It was for large concern to thrive. This conflicts with the thoughts of the American Dream.

In Today ‘s society, the American Dream has become obscured. It means many things to many different people. However, it is still based on societal category. It is believed, in America, that anybody can accomplish anything. That any individual can travel from “ shreds to wealths ” . Peoples today are non satisfied with holding belongings to name their ain and acquiring by successfully. Most people want 1000000s of dollars and all the newest things. The American Dream today is really mercenary. For some people who are impoverished, the American Dream is still the same for them, they want to easy hold basic necessities available. The American Dream today is much more come-at-able today than the 1920 ‘s, nevertheless. Since America ‘s authorities has created Torahs to forestall the unjust advantages of capitalist economy, people are able to accomplish things through difficult work. There are benefit plans for the lower-class so they do non hold to populate like the hapless people of the 1920 ‘s. Besides, it is true today that people can travel from “ shreds to wealths ” many of America ‘s most celebrated and richest citizens today were one time hapless. But, today the American Dream is about populating comfortably, it is based on the greed that has come over America through the old ages.

During the 1920 ‘s, immigrants who believed in the American Dream and came to the United States got a natural trade. “ The dream of most American ‘s at this clip period environing the book Of Mice and Men was merely a big cesspit of deceasing hopes. ” They were treated with hatred and tricked by their employers. These people ne’er made any existent money because they were stuck in dead terminal occupations. The world of the American Dream is that it is based on race and societal category. Today, much has changed about the American Dream but it is non free of corruptness ; now it is based on greed and consumerism. The American Dream is ne’er what it appears to be.