History And Introduction To Dracula English Literature Essay

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This book study is about “ Dracula ” a Gothic novel written by Bram Stoker in 1897. In the novel is presented a enigma esthesis. This is a book of 472 pages published by Trans Atlantic Press in 2012.

This narrative presents us to Jonathan Harker a British gross revenues adult male who travels all manner from England to Transylvania to run into with Count Dracula, which is a really rich old adult male who wants to purchase propernesss in England. The chief ground why Mr. Harker is in Transylvania is because his spouse George Renfield is in an refuge being called loony, but he is non every bit brainsick as people thinks. It besides presents us to Mina Murray, Lucy Westerna, Dr. Seward, Dr. Van Helsing, Quincey Morris, Arthur Holmwood, they all have an importance in the chief mission, killing Count Dracula.

This narrative chiefly takes portion at Dracula ‘s palace, in Transylvania, and in England, where the bulk of the events go on. The narrative is told by each of the characters, some of them tell it in their dairies or in letters they wrote to each other, so we get to understand the sequence of clip and events after fall ining the day of the months, they narrate the narrative with a sort of enigma that makes the reader to maintain seeking to cognize what go on after of each missive or dairy the character writes.

Count Dracula: he have unusual program in head and to carry through them he would hold to nobble, posses, and kill some of the characters.

Jonathan Harker: is a immature British adult male, who is kidnapped by the Count Dracula that wants to purchase some lands in England for cryptic porpoises. His chief desire is to stop with the Count ‘s life.

Mina George gilbert aime murphy: she is Jonathan ‘s fiancee, who is of great importance in the successful act of killing the Count.

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing: specializer in lamias, he is who discovered what was go oning to Lucy, and helped murdering the Count.

Dr. John Seward: manager of the refuge.

Lucy Westerna: beautiful immature adult female who become an undead by Dracula.

Quincey Morris: an American adult male who dies while seeking to kill the Dracula.

Arthur Holmwood: was traveling to acquire married with Lucy, before everything happened.

When Mr. Harker arrives to Count Dracula ‘s palace, they both start speaking about their lives and work. Some things Mr. Harker noticed were that the Count foremost was a truly soft and sort adult male but clip after his reaching the Count started altering how he acted, besides he noticed some leery features, such as the deficiency of contemplation of the Count, and how he reacted when he saw his rood.

After all this unusual events, Harker decides to do some research at the palace and recognize that all the doors are locked and understand that he is now Dracula ‘s captive. He besides gets to cognize that there is no pantryman or a amah, the Count is who does everything in the palace, since the cleansing to the cookery.

Jonathan noticed that at dark the Count slipped out of his room like a kind of lizard, Harker, scared but intrigued decides to seek for an issue, so he enters to a room that had non been locked, and get down feeling asleep, subsequently he glimpse at three juicy adult females, one of them start scoring him, in that same minute Dracula enters to the room truly huffy and get down shouting at the three gals. Harker thought that he had dreamt about the three adult females but so realizes that everything he saw and heard was existent.

The Count asks Jonathan to compose three letters with different day of the months, and he thinks that the day of the month of the last missive is traveling to be his last twenty-four hours alive. One forenoon Jonathan ‘s properties disappear, his apparels, baggage, books, they are all gone.

Harker enters to Dracula ‘s room and discovers a door that goes to an belowground chapel and found 50 boxes, inside of one of the many boxes is the Count, seemingly decease but with his eyes opened. Jonathan gets a opportunity to get away from the palace but his efforts are frustrated and have to remain more clip. Impatiently Mr. Harker decides to travel to Dracula ‘s room and seek to kill him, but he fails and merely gets to ache Counts brow.

Mina Murray writes letters to her friend Lucy Westerna, stating her how much she misses Jonathan and that she was traveling to Whitby to see her, replying this Lucy tells her friend that she merely had been asked to get married by three work forces, Dr. Seward, Quincey Morris, and Lord Arthur Holmwood, being the last 1 mentioned the one she said yes.

Already in Whitby with her friend Mina is told that something bad is about to go on that have relation with decease. Besides she is truly preoccupied about Jonathan ; she has non known anything about him in a month. She had noticed that her friend Lucy haves a instance of sleep-walking. One forenoon Mina sees that Lucy has escaped ; she search and found her in the cemetery with two ruddy Markss in her cervix. Subsequently, Lucy start acquiring sick, and the ruddy Markss in her cervix even bigger, Mina receives a missive from Sister Agatha, that Jonathan is in Budapest and they have to acquire married every bit shortly as possible.

While Mina was in Budapest, Dr. Seward sent Dr. Van Helsing because Lucy ‘s unwellness have became much greater, when he had exanimate her, recommended to make a blood transfusion. After the transfusion, Lucy turned better, but that was temporally, after a few yearss she was worst than earlier and with a pale dead facet.

After the 5th blood transfusion Lucy did non hold bettered and died subsequently, in her last proceedingss she tried to snog Arthur, but Dr. Van Helsing interpose between them, because Lucy had turned into a lamia and was traveling to seize with teeth Arthur in the cervix.

After Lucy was buried, Van Helsing checked all her properties and besides all her letters and journals to acquire more information of her unwellness.

Van Helsing sent a missive to Mina, inquiring if they could run into and speak, Mina accepted and besides told him about what have happened to his hubby in his trip. When they met Van Helsing assure the twosome that every that everything was existent.

Seward and Van Helsing went to see Lucy ‘s grave and recognize that her organic structure was non indoors. After some probe Van Helsing, Seward, Arthur, and Quincey, travel to Lucy ‘s grave to cut her caput off and seting a wooden interest in her bosom to halt the atrociousnesss.

The group decides to travel to the house Dracula had bought and seek to halt him, the lone thing they found was dust and some of the boxes Jonathan had seen in the palace. They so discovered that many of the boxes where about England in the many houses Dracula had got.

One dark when Mina was kiping the group ran to her bathroom and found the Count attempt to do Mina imbibe his blood ; after she woke up she explained that Dracula had been there yearss ago and sucked her blood. After Van Helsing had protected Mina, each one went to a different house and purifies it and tries to acquire rid of Dracula, but they had no fortune.

Mina proposed to acquire hypnotized by Dr Van Helsing to seek to cognize where the Count is since Mina and he are connected because of the bite, after this she says the Count is in a boat heading back to Transylvania, they all decide to follow him and halt him before he acquire to the palace. When they get to the port where the boat was traveling to halt, they are told that it changed its class to Galatz. They separated in three groups, Van Helsing and Mina, Quincey and Seward, and Jonathan and Arthur, the first to get to the palace was Mina and Van Helsing, when they saw a group of itinerants with a passenger car where Dracula was traveling to the palace but following them where Quincey, Seward, Jonathan, and Arthur. They all get into a battle against the itinerants, Jonathan and Quincey went straight for the Count and kill him, when they were acquiring at that place Quincey is hurt but they success in acquiring to the passenger car and kill Dracula with a interest and cutting off his caput, unluckily Quincey ‘s lesion is mortal and dies.

Finally this incubus ends for Mina and Jonathan, seven old ages subsequently they have their first kid, Quincey, in award to their brave passed off friend.

In my sentiment this is a great book, it have a strong storyteller that kept me reading for a batch of clip, that is something I do non make often, a disadvantage is that in some parts the narrative had nil that do me state “ more! ! “ .

Something I did non liked about the book is that the some things are non told, such as -what happened to Jonathan since the Count left the palace and arrived to Budapest and got to the monastery? –

It is a good book ; I would urge it, merely to does that like the lamias subject, and besides slow suspense. It might acquire bored the people how prefer more dynamic narrative.