In Mexico is non so easy to acquire a gun, non merely people should hold the necessary money to purchase one, but besides they have to inquire for a license in order to non hold jobs with the constabulary and be arrested. The officers have control of the guns because these have a figure to be registered, here merely rich people or powerful people can hold one but there are some exclusion because condemnable such as robbers or kidnapers have one.

By other manus, in the Unites States is really common to cognize that immature people have a arm to support oneself, but the governments have to authorized who is able to hold a arm because there are some people with mental unwellness and because of these jobs have happened many calamities, for illustration, in the United States have happened many slaughters in universities caused by pupils with mental unwellness or because they were oppressed or even humiliated, but non merely immature people commit such offenses, grownups besides commit offenses between their household.

There are different causes that drive people to perpetrate slayings or colzas, for illustration, jobs in the household, abandon, jobs with intoxicant or drugs, force during childhood, etc. , all these jobs bring as a effect psychological jobs, depression, choler, retaliation, etc.

Harmonizing to an article in Wikipedia, the United States has some good illustrations of these sorts of events, four awful slaughters in schools ; The Columbine High School slaughter occurred on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine. Two senior pupils, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, embarked on a slaughter, killing 12 pupils and one instructor. They besides injured 21 other pupils straight, and three people were injured while trying to get away. The brace so committed self-destruction.

It is the fourth-deadliest school slaughter in United States history, after the 1927 Bath School catastrophe, 2007 Virginia Tech slaughter and the 1966 University of Texas slaughter, and the deadliest for an American high school.[ 1 ]

To this work I decided to speak about how people are affected in their unrecorded by jobs that they suffered during childhood. The two books that I choose to speak about show us how some characters suffered some jobs during their childhood and when they become grownups they look for retaliation and they commit some offenses without attention the effects that these facts can convey.

“ In Cold Blood “ , is a book written by Truman Capote in this book we can cognize how some people with jobs in their unrecorded commit offenses and they have an unstable live, this book is based in a existent narrative that happened in Holcomb, Kansas in 1959. Truman Capote was truly interested on the slayings because he was a author and he found interesting the instance, he knew about this new while he was reading the newspaper so he decided to travel to Holcomb with her best friend and besides writer Harper Lee.

The narrative is develop in Holcomb, Kansa, where lives the ClutterA?s household, they have a farm and are truly respectful and admire, unluckily Dick Hickock and Perry Smith planned to acquire into the ClutterA?s house because an ex employ told them that the household is affluent and he knows where Mr. Clutter save the money, so Dick and Perry decided to steal all their money and so kill them because they do non desire informants. “ Perry was gon na travel out at that place and rob the topographic point, and they was gon na kill all witnesses-the Clutters, and anybody else that happened to be about. He described to me a twelve times how he was gon na make it, how him and Perry was gon na bind them people up and gun them down ” . ( In Cold Blood, page 162 ) . The slayings have cared to make non go forth hints but they did non happen a batch of money like they hoped merely likes 50 dollars and that ‘s all. After Dick and Perry committed the slayings they decided to run off and they travel to Mexico with hot cheques and they were going to different metropoliss until they were caught in Las Vegas.

During all the probe to compose his book, Truman decided to travel to imprison to interview Dick and Perry and the beginning they did non desire to speak but through clip they become like friends specially Truman and Perry because both had a awful childhood. Capote suffered at the age of four his parents got divorce and his female parent took him to populate with his aunt and after some old ages when his female parent got married once more Truman return to populate with his female parent.

To kids is truly hard when their parents acquire divorce because the childs need to hold a household because they learn different things from each one so is they do non populate with the male parent they will go insecure or aggressive and with bad behaviour, but some kids choke back their ideas and droping but when they grew up they commit offenses, they steal or do many things without think the effects that these facts can convey.

By the other manus Perry besides lived a awful childhood, his female parent left his male parent and so she leave him in an orphanhood. “ When he was seven old ages old, a hated, detesting half- strain kid life in a California orphanhood run by nuns- shrouded martinets who whipped him for wetting his bed. It was after one of these whippings, one he could ne’er bury “ she woke me up. She had a torch, and she hit me with it. Hit me and hit me. And when the torch broke, she went on hitting me in the dark ” ) ” . ( In Cold Blood, page 93 )

As a kid enduring this male monarch of event is awful, for these incidents many kids suffered jobs as grownups and they commit offenses as a retaliation of the full thing that they lived in the yesteryear. When they are adolescents the easy manner to get away from the world is to run off from their house and so they have to look for a occupation in order to obtain money and have something to eat, but besides they start holding a sentimental life and it is really common to see adolescents acquiring married or really immature misss pregnant. “ a bosom that celebrated the love affair of DICK and CAROL, the miss whom he had married when he was 19, and from whom he had separated six old ages subsequently in order to make “ the right thing ” by another immature lady, the female parent of his youngest kid. My married woman is remarried. I have been married twiceaˆ¦ ” ( In Cold Blood, page 31 )

In the book we can appreciate how Perry acts like a normal individual and he is truly intelligent worried in how he writes and his passion is his guitar, he likes play his guitar and besides he likes read. However, “ Perry possessed unusual and valuable qualities. Several liquidators, or work forces who boasted of slaying or their willingness to perpetrate it, but Dick became positive that Perry was that rareness, “ a natural slayer ” – perfectly sane, but conscienceless, and capable of covering with or without motor, the coldest- blooded coup de graces. ” ( In Cold Blood, page )

As the Clutter ‘s household was respected and they did non hold enemies, their neighbours were surprised by the deceases. Fortunately, after a piece Perry and Dick were found guilty of the slayings and they were sentence to decease. To dwellers of Holcomb, Kansas, it was relieve in their lives because it was a quiet town, after the slayings they could non populate in peace and they were afraid. It was a fatal calamity because they were inexperienced persons, but by the other manus we can believe that it was non so awful because the full household died and in other instances the parents are the lone 1s who die and leave their boies orphans.

In the book In Cold Blood we can see a sort of slayings and a sort of felons because there are different sorts to kill people and people who commit this sort of events. From now I am traveling to talk about another book which gives illustrations of other types or slayings and another felon on both, the author and in the narrative.

Tragically the author of this novel, Alice Sebold was besides raped when she was analyzing her bachelorA?s grade. She was raped while she was walking through a park to her house, fortuitously some clip later she acknowledge her raper in the street and study him to the constabulary and he receive the maximal sentence. The novel the Lovely Bones besides talks about a adolescent who is raped.

I think the author of this book is a good illustration because she wanted to speak about portion of her life when she was raped in the book, likely in this manner she took her defeat out. It is really common that people think that celebrated people or good known ne’er in their live could see something tragic like this, for this ground I think it is admirable when a celebrated individual negotiations about something bad that has lived.

The novel the Lovely Bones was written by Alice Sebold, it is a narrative based in a adolescent miss named Susie Salmon, who was raped while she returned to her house by a cutoff through the corn field. Her neighbour, George Harvey approaches her and persuades her to travel with him to an belowground lair he has built. She did non desire to travel but after his insisting Susie Salmon accepted and when she was at that place Mr. Harvey rapes her and kills her to so dismembering her organic structure. Finally he buried the parts of SusieA?s organic structure in a sink hole

SusieA?s spirit flees to her Eden, from there she can see enduring her household because they can non believe she is dead, non until a Canis familiaris found her cubitus so the constabulary started to look into but unluckily the constabulary do non hold ground to surmise in Mr. Harvey who is the slaying and raper. Jack, SusieA?s male parent suspects in Harvey but the detective Len Fenerman does non believe him because they do non hold cogent evidence. After the incident Jack go really close to Buckley his small boy. Lindsey besides suspects on Mr. Harvey and she helps her pa to look into.

However SusieA?s female parent was confused and she started to hold an matter with the investigator of SusieA?s instance Len Fenerman, to so go forth her hubby and travel to California where she gets a occupation at a wine maker. After a twelvemonth the constabulary found a bottle of coke with SusieA?s and Mr. HarveyA?s fingerprints so the constabulary know he was the chief leery.

While Susie is in her Eden she started to cognize many kids that were Mr. HarveyA?s victims ; when Mr. Harvey started to be afraid because the constabulary has been investigated he decides to travel off. SusieA?s household decides to go on its unrecorded usually, Lindsey and Samuel Heckler go engaged and later they have a beautiful babe miss. At the terminal Mr. Harvey die when he falls.

In this novel the slaying and raper is Mr. Harvey, a 40 old ages old adult male who during his childhood suffered a batch because his male parent abandoned him so he lived merely with his female parent, so because of the deficiency of his male parent he suffered psychological jobs that have affected him through the clip.

Mr. Harvey has awful jobs that he likes to ravish kids and so kill them but he is truly careful because he ne’er leaves hints, when he rapes Susie, she knows that she is traveling to decease after that. “ Take your apparels off ” , Mr. Harvey said, “ I want to look into that youA?re still a virgin. ” “ I am, Mr. Harvey, ” I said. “ I want to do certain ” ( The Lovely Bones, page 12 ) “ I knew he was traveling to kill me. I did non recognize so that I was an carnal already deceasing. ” ( The Lovely Bones, page 14 )

Mr. Harvey was an intelligent slaying because he acts normal with the constabulary and the neighbours particularly with SusieA?s male parent, even Jack suspect on him he tries to set up a friendly relationship with him in order to detect him. “ From Eden, I watched my male parent construct a collapsible shelter with the adult male whoA?d killed me ” . ( The Lovely Bones, page 55 )

When Susie arrives to her Eden she was detecting that Mr. Harvey has killed many kids, trough the clip she know some misss and they made friends. “ I wasnA?t the first miss heA?d killed. He knew to take my organic structure from the field. He knew to watch the conditions and to kill during an discharge of light- to- heavy precipitation because that would rob the constabulary of grounds. “ ( The Lovely Bones, page 50 )

SusieA?s household was destroyed by her dead, each member of her household react in a different manner. The 1 who suffer a batch is her male parent because they had a good relationship and they used to pass some clip together constructing ships in bottles. “ They were something my female parent, sister, and brother couldnA?t attention less approximately. It was something I adored. ” ( The Lovely Bones, page 45 )

Lindsey, SusieA?s sister, I considered her as the most witting about the state of affairs that they are populating in the narrative because even she is a littler younger that Susie she tries to go on her life every bit normal as she can without care what people can state, sometimes she is down but besides she tries to be difficult because her male parent is destroyed, his small brother, Buckley does non understand what is go oning until he feels Susie ‘s spirit. “ Last dark she came and kissed me on the cheek, “ have you told your ma? ” “ ItA?s a secret, Buckley said. “ Susie told me she isnA?t ready to speak to them yet ” ( The Lovely Bones, page 92 )

SusieA?s female parent is alienated in her universe she is non disquieted about her two other boies, she does non care anything and when her hubby is taken to the infirmary she has an matter with the detective Len Fenerman in order to bury the dead Ohio Susie. “ And I watched that level ruddy oral cavity move across an unseeable line that separated her from the remainder of the universe. She pulled Len in to her and easy kissed him on the oral cavity. She reached up and unbuttoned her waterproof. “ ( The Lovely Bones, page 148 ) “ Len kissed her forehead difficult and closed his eyes. She took his manus and placed it on her chest. She whispered in his ear. I knew what was go oning. Her fury, her loss, her desperation. The whole life lost toppling out in an discharge on that roof, choke offing up her being. She needed Len to drive the dead girl out. ” ( The Lovely Bones, page 152 )

SusieA?s male parent is who suffers more than anyone else, after Susie ‘s dead he realizes that he has two other kids and he has to take attention and love them. “ My male parent had felt in that minute the first spark of the unusual sad mortality of being a male parent. ” ( The Lovely Bones, page 48 ) . Particularly with Buckley starts a close relationship. You are so particular to me, small adult male ” ( The Lovely Bones, page 47 ) “ He would happen his Susie now inside his immature boy. Give that love to the life ” ( The Lovely Bones, page 48 )

As we can see, both books are related because of the jobs that the felons had had in their yesteryear and these jobs were the cause of the slayings. As these illustrations in the existent universe exists many incidents such as slayings, snatch, robbers. It is really common to associate the offenses with the drug traders, political relations jobs or merely hatred or job sum people.

In the United States we know that they have an first-class security and constabulary officers, they about ever resolve the instances that they have and successfully they catch the felon and it is hard to be free if you are in gaol, captives have to pass some clip in gaol or sometimes they will be released on bond, nevertheless in Mexico the security is awful because in some instances the constabularies are related to the felons and the constabulary officers have committed many offenses but if the felons are taken to imprison, the suspect will hold a good attorney and the felon will be free often it happens because of the corruptness.

To work out and halt this sort of awful events, people have to get down in their house and in the school because there if where kids learn the basic things, in the schools for illustration instructors or the societal workers have to if the pupils do non hold jobs in their house or to cognize what are the grounds because of the kids do non pay attending in categories and battle with their schoolmates. If we can observe on clip the jobs that kids have we can work out and halt many injuries which can interfere in a healthy development.

Our society and even the universe can better our lives and work outing jobs without affecting the kids who can be really concerned and convey awful effects in the hereafter. Avoiding aggression in the household, bad wonts like imbibing or smoke in surplus and alteration these for spend some clip with the household to speak and eat together, or merely watch Television together is better to hold and familiar environment in order to hold a good household.