Janie ‘s first hubby was Logan Killicks, who was a affluent agriculture adult male that Nanny had arranged for Janie to get married. The site of the bees interacting with the pear tree represents perfect company, freedom, and true love. The pear tree would be Janie and the bee would be the perfect adult male was the illation that the reader could do. In add-on, the pear tree besides foreshadows that one twenty-four hours Janie will happen freedom and true love. So, Janie sets off on a pursuit for true love during the full class of the novel, but in the terminal, she was non successful. “ The vision of Logan Killicks was profaning the pear tree ” ( 14 ) . That transition represented the sum of love that Janie felt for Logan, which was about nonexistent by that clip.

Once Joe and Janie were married, they arrived in Eatonville, Florida and saw two work forces under an oak tree. The oak tree in literature symbolizes strength in literature which could be applied here because Joe attained a place a power by holding bought 200 estates of land for the town, and built a general shop. During the period when the town was being remodeled, Joe and most of the town gathered under the oak tree with a pudding stone of timber under it for the building of roads. That scene in the novel was dry, because Hurston had placed dead trees under a elephantine, living oak tree. In add-on, the scene was besides boding the terminal of Janie and Joe ‘s relationship. “ aˆ¦ they kept right on up there where the new timber was rattling off the waggon and being piled under the large unrecorded oak tree ” ( 40 ) . That was besides a physical representation of Joe ‘s control over Janie. While Janie was with Joe, he had her tie her hair up, and made her tally the shop. He would n’t allow her be free while she was with him. So, the image of timber under the oak tree works because the oak tree is standing over the timber, which gave an image of control or domination.

Oak trees can endure a disease called moisture wood, which is where the tree is decomposing from the interior out. The reader can associate the disease to Joe mentally and physically. Mentally, Joe suffers from corruptness which is merely similar wet wood because it starts from the interior and spreads out. Joe contracted this disease through is growing in power, because he was a power hungry individual who ever wanted to tread the things around him. Janie eventually gets fed up with his intervention of her and overthrows his secure sense of power, and without his power he does n’t hold the will to populate. “ ‘When you pull down yo ‘ britches, you look lak de alteration uh life ‘ ” ( 79 ) . That was the quotation mark that took away Joe ‘s will to populate. Physically, Joe ‘s kidneys stopped working, which meant Joe did n’t hold a clump of clip left. In add-on, Janie realized that Joe ‘s organic structure was get downing to droop and age. That meant Joe was get downing to decompose away like an oak tree. As he aged, his verbal onslaughts become more violent doing him to hit Janie which supports the prefiguration of the relationship stoping. While Joe was progressively going more violent towards Janie, he moved into a separate room but still kept control over her. Finally, the disease of corruptness and his physical province killed him, which set Janie free symbolized by the unveiling of her hair.

Tea Cake was her 3rd hubby who had them travel to the Everglades. The Everglades was a topographic point where there were trees and workss everywhere. “ To Janie ‘s unusual eyes, everything in the Everglades was large and newaˆ¦ large beans, large cane, large weeds, large everything ” ( 129 ) . The big workss represented Teacake and Janie ‘s relationship, because Tea Cake was the individual who gave Janie a life of freedom and love, alternatively a life of being controlled. While she was with Tea Cake their lives were really free spirited and care free. They went fishing, hunting, and played draughtss. He had given her the childhood she ne’er had, which gave her more freedom and in return, Janie had attained her end of happening the true love and freedom foreshadowed by the pear tree. “ That was the beginning of things ” ( 107 ) . That transition explains to the reader how Janie felt that the period of her freedom was get downing with Tea Cake and that was the first clip she got to populate like she wanted.

When the hurricane came to the Everglades it destroyed everything. It annihilated the trees and workss which represented Janie ‘s freedom with Tea Cake, because when there were more trees at that place was freedom. When the trees and workss were destroyed it was the incarnation of the devastation of their freedom. That comes true when Tea Cake was bitten by a rabid Canis familiaris, which caused him to contract hydrophobias. When Tea Cake had eventually succumbed to his disease, his feelings of selfishness towards Janie were intensified. In add-on, the hydrophobias besides symbolized the diminution in their freedom and love. The act of the hurricane destroying workss besides foreshadowed so terminal of Janie ‘s dream of true love and freedom. In the terminal, Tea Cake was shot to decease by Janie in order to eventually liberate him and herself from the rabid Canis familiaris. “ Tea Cake could n’t come back to himself until he had got rid of that huffy Canis familiaris that was inside of him and he could n’t acquire rid of the Canis familiaris and unrecorded ” ( 187 ) . With the test over Janie returns Eatonville with her memories of freedom and love for Tea Cake.

In decision, the vegetations from Their Eyess Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston, is used to help the reader in groking the legion matrimonies that Janie was a portion of. In add-on, Hurston besides incorporates precise symbolism, and elusive prefiguration to pass on true love and freedom are the true natures of the novel. The precise symbolism allows the reader to understand what the state of affairs is for Janie, which allows a span to be made from the readers mind to the novel. The elusive prefiguration, if caught by the reader, could let a greater apprehension of the novel, and keeps the reader guesswork. All of these properties give the reader a all-around apprehension of the novel.