Mystery Of Edgar Allan Poe English Literature Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe was an American Poet, critic, short-story author, and an writer of such plants like “ The Tell-Tale Heart. ” Poe was born January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the boy of histrions Elizabeth Hopkins and David Poe. Poe besides had a brother named William Henry and a sister named Rosalie. His parents died when he was really immature, about 2 old ages old. He was adopted by French republics and John Allan, who was a affluent merchandiser in Richmond, Virginia. “ When Poe turned 6, they took him to England for 5 old ages ” ( ) . While go toing school, he learned Latin and French, every bit good as math and history. “ In 1820, he was back in Richmond where he attended the University of Virginia and studied Latin and Poetry and besides loved to swim and move ” ( ) . “ While Poe was go toing college for his first twelvemonth, he started to imbibe to a great extent and began chancing which put him in debt highly fast ” ( ) . Because of this, he drifted off from his Foster male parent, John Allan.

Poe went back to Boston and joined the US Army in 1827. “ He served for 2 old ages and built up his rank to a sergeant major ” ( ) . During this clip, he has been composing poesy for sometime now. In 1827, he wrote “ Dreams ” which appeared in the Baltimore North American. That same twelvemonth, his first book, Tamerlame and other Poems, was published at his ain disbursal. Besides, in 1829, his step-mother died. Mr. Allan tried to be nice to Poe and signed his application to West Point. During his delay for West Point, he lived with his Aunt, Mrs. Clemm. His brother, Henry, and immature cousin, Virginia, lived at that place excessively. “ In 1830, Poe entered West Point as a plebe. He did n’t remain long because John Allan refused to direct him any money. “ It is thought that Edgar intentionally broke the regulations and ignored his responsibilities so he would be dismissed ” ( ) .

In 1831, Poe fled to New York City and had some of his Poetry published. All his narratives were rejected that he submitted to. Poe sent a missive to his stepfather beggary for money but got no answer. “ Poe had no friends, no occupation, and was in fiscal problem ” ( ) . In 1834, John Allan died and mentioned nil of Poe in his will. “ Poe lamented John Allan ‘s decease and began adding Opium to his intoxicant ( which was called ‘laudanum ‘ at the clip ) while he had already discovered his fancy for intoxicant and Opium at this point, his maltreatment of the substance increased dramatically after his Foster male parent ‘s decease. His authorship was affected, he wrote more about sudden decease and made assorted abashing public shows of inebriation which began to stain his repute ” ( ) . In 1835, Poe got a occupation as an editor of the Southern Literary Messenger because of a competition he won with his verse form called “ The Manuscript Found in a Bottle. ” “ This was the start of his calling as a respected critic and litterateur ” ( ) . In 1836, Poe married his cousin, Virginia. He was 27 and she was 13 at the clip. Poe successfully managed the newspaper and increased its circulation from 500 to 3500 transcripts. Even though he made Southern Literary Messenger reasonably popular, he left it in the early 1836. “ 1837, Edgar went to New York. He wrote ‘The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym ‘ but could non happen any fiscal success ” ( ) . The novel is about an escapade for a immature Nantucket Stoaway on a whaling ship but shortly turns into a chilling narrative of mutiny, slaying, and cannibalism.

Poe besides contributed to a few other magazines. Burton ‘s Gentlemen ‘s Magazine ( 1839-1840 ) , Graham ‘s Magazine ( 1841-1842 ) , Evening Mirror, and Godey ‘s Lady ‘s Book. Poe ‘s parts to these magazines were published as a aggregation in Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque which besides included “ The Due de L’Omelette, ” “ Bon-Bon, ” and “ King Pest. ” “ Murders in the Rue Morgue ” was published in 1841 which some believe to be the first detective narrative. Poe challenged readers to direct in crytograms, which he ever solved. In 1840, Poe joined George R Graham as an editor for Graham ‘s Magazine. During the 2 twelvemonth period of Poe being at that place, he raised the circulation of magazines from 5000 to 35000. “ He left Graham to seek and get down his ain magazine but failed miserably ” ( ) . In 1843, his “ The Gold-Bug ” won a award of 100 $ from the Philadelphia Dollar Newspaper, which gave him great promotion. “ His most celebrated verse form, The Raven, appeared in the American Review, which gave him national Fame ” ( ) . After awhile, Poe became editor of Broadway Journal, where he republished most of his short narratives.

Poe ‘s married woman, Virginia, died in 1847 from TB. “ This decease led to Poe ‘s inordinate imbibing, which would negatively impact the remainder of his life, doing assorted occupation losingss, a off address to be made at the White House and 2 cancelled matrimonies ” ( ) . During his married woman ‘s slow decease, he wrote “ The Conqueror Worm. ” The verse form diagrammatically describes the decay of world when maggots and worms feast on the dead. Because of Virginia ‘s decease, it besides influenced Poe to compose “ The Tell-Tale Heart ” and “ The Pit and the Pendulum ” which is thought to be the 2 most in writing horror narratives he wrote.

Poe had a brief battle with a poet named Sarah Hellen Whitman. “ Poe had close Platonic webs with Annie Richmond and with Sarah Anna Lewis, who helped him financially ” ( He wrote verse forms to all of them. In 1848, he published “ Eureka, ” a nonnatural “ account ” of the existence, which by some was thought to e a chef-d’oeuvre and others, complete bunk. He eventually became engaged to Elmira Royster in Richmond. He planned on get marrieding her that October. Acouple hebdomads before the nuptials, he took a trip to New York to run into some friends. Poe disappeared for 5 yearss and his whereabouts were a complete enigma. He was found coming in and out of consciousness but could n’t explicate what happened. Poe was taken to a infirmary instantly but died on October 7, 1849. “ His last words were ‘Lord aid my hapless psyche ‘ which he believed to be in serious problem, due to the dark influences that led decease ever to him ” ( ) .

“ Since personal tradegy was a repeating subject in Edgar Allan Poe ‘s life, his work reflected the darkness instilled by such uninterrupted sorrow ” ( ) . Most of the people in his life were the most influential due to their deceases. Poe ever increased his substance maltreatment when it came to decease. “ However, because the deceases came before substance maltreatment, it was a decease alone which took the greatest toll on his life, doing a Domino consequence of suicide that finally ended his ain life ” ( ) .

Poe about seems to be 2 people. “ With those he loved he was soft and devoted. Others, who were the butt of his crisp unfavorable judgment, found him cranky and egoistic and went so far as to impeach him of deficiency of rule ” ( Most of Poe ‘s best work has to cover with panic and unhappiness. “ He was capable of composing beatific or eldritch poesy, with a supreme sunse of beat and word entreaty, or prose of deluxe beauty and suggestiveness. With the evident wantonness of obliging inspiration ” ( ) . As a critic, Poe was really rigorous when it came to rightness of linguistic communication, meter, and construction. Poe believed a short narrative should associate a complete action and take topographic point one twenty-four hours in one topographic point. “ He praised longer plants and sometimes thought fables and ethical motives admirable if non crudly presented ” ( ) .