Dupont Circle is an impressive country in Washington, DC. The streets are full of posh stores and quaint eating houses and coffeehouse. Men and adult females walk through Dupont with plentifulness of money to pass. The vicinity is smart, to state the least. That Fatty ‘s Custom Tattooz and Body Piercing is located in the center of this high-end territory is interesting ; here a tattoo parlour is alone.

When I told my friend Emma that I was looking about for a topographic point to acquire a tattoo, she recommended Fatty ‘s Custom Tattooz, stating, “ It ‘s sooo good! ” When I went to look into the topographic point out, I expected a large flashy mark and a immense, modern studio. I found merely a little sandwich board on the pavement with an pointer indicating toward a hardly larger edifice. The edifice itself looked creaky, deserted ; there were no suites on the first floor. Against my better judgement I walked up some stained, carpeted stepss, a small scared of what I would happen at the top. Be this truly the topographic point that was “ sooo good ” ? I was a small annoyed that Emma had n’t mentioned the ambiance of this joint. With each measure the pungent odor of rubbing intoxicant hit my nose harder.

When I eventually reached the top of the stepss, I saw that the studio ‘s door was shut. I was n’t certain whether to strike hard or walk right in. I felt a spot nauseating conceive ofing what might lie indoors. It took all my strength to draw the heavy red-and-black metal door unfastened, but every bit shortly as I did I was greeted by a friendly face. John, the store ‘s organic structure piercer, showed me inside, and to my surprise, he was non covered in metal and skull tattoos.

I instantly noticed the heavy metal playing in the background.

While at first the sound of fast-paced drumming and hardcore male boom caused my bosom to race, the soothing sound of pleasant conversation and laughter that could be heard from the tattooing room eased my nervousnesss. If I was nervous merely detecting the topographic point, I could n’t conceive of what it would be like when I really went to acquire a tattoo. Although I could n’t do out the words coming from the tattoo room, an airy giggle and a deep chortle offered a spot of consolation: possibly acquiring a tattoo can be fun?

The first client to walk in was a adolescent miss who wanted a butterfly tattoo on her mortise joint. She was precisely the type of individual I would anticipate to see in a tattoo parlour: a immature individual, a adolescent, a member of my coevals. She pulled out O, The Oprah Magazine, to read during her delay. It was n’t long earlier another client entered, this clip a middle-aged adult male have oning all leather and covered from caput to toe in tattoos. He, excessively, was precisely the type of individual that I would anticipate to see in a tattoo parlour: the standard biker. No 1 would be surprised to see either a teenage miss or a hard-core biker at a tattoo parlour, but the two made an interesting image together: the miss have oning Abercrombie and Fitch sitting following to a adult male who looked like a member of a bike pack. Watching them made me inquire, Are tattoos merely representative of my coevals, or are they more cosmopolitan?

I put my ideas aside in order to run into with the studio ‘s proprietor, Fatty himself. Fatty invited me in to talk to him as he tattooed a firedrake on the dorsum of forty-eight-year-old Rose. In my pursuit to happen the perfect topographic point to acquire my tattoo, I had visited five or six tattoo parlours, and Fatty looked no different from any tattoo creative person I had seen earlier. He was about 40, with shoulder-length, thinning grey hair thrown back in a ratty bandanna.

While at first glimpse Fatty seemed like an mean tattoo creative person, from speaking to him I noticed a flicker, a originative thrust that I have ne’er seen in any other tattoo creative person. He was so focussed, so driven, that perspiration beaded on his brow as he concentrated on filling in a superb blue on Rose ‘s dorsum. Rose offered me her personal penetration on Fatty: “ I see the life in his work-he makes everything he does come alive. He ‘s so focussed it ‘s astonishing. I ‘ve ne’er trusted anyone with my organic structure like I ‘ve trusted him. Trust is so of import when acquiring a tattoo. You ‘re acquiring something for good engraved on your organic structure. No affair how much I want my tattoo, I will ne’er acquire it unless I have complete trust in the creative person. ”

Rose makes acquiring a tattoo expression easy. As the needle drags beneath her tegument, blood bubbles up to the surface. Each clip I sneak a expression at her dorsum I feel vomit lifting in my pharynx. “ This 1, she ‘s a f-ing stone star. She ‘s making great, ” Fatty says, gesticulating toward Rose. Something makes me believe that I wo n’t be rather the stone star when my bend comes to be in that chair. “ I make large male childs call, I make large misss call excessively, ” Fatty says with a smile.

Despite his tease, it ‘s obvious to me that Fatty is different ; he cares about his clients and his work, the art of tattoos. “ It ‘s about my passion, ” Fatty tells me. “ Life ‘s excessively f-ing short to populate in a passionless manner. ” When I ask why tattoos are so particular, he responds, “ They are a portion of who you are, an extension of yourself. ” Fatty ‘s demeanour and passion, every bit good as the item of his art, show that he has had a batch of experience with tattooing, so I ca n’t assist inquiring his professional sentiment on the inquiry that ‘s been lingering in the dorsum of my head since I saw those two clients in the waiting room: “ Are tattoos merely a tendency of my coevals? ”

Fatty hardly bats an oculus before reacting. While tattoos truly came out culturally in the 1990s, he says, they are non merely a tendency for a individual coevals. “ There is no 1 type of ‘tattoo individual, ‘ ” he tells me. “ I ‘ve tattooed progressives, conservativists, males, females, adolescents, middle-aged people, even some old people, ” he says. “ Tattoos themselves truly span all coevalss. ” He notes that even before the 1990s people were acquiring tattoos, but the pattern was n’t every bit widespread because tattoos were non really good known or good thought of. “ Think crewmans, World War II soldiers, and some other badasses after that. ” Tattoos are more than a trend-they are a signifier of art. Rose called Fatty “ a true creative person. He ‘s like the Picasso of tattoos. ” When I look at Fatty ‘s work, I think her description is n’t far off the grade. The item and superb colourss that go into each one of Fatty ‘s designs is genuinely unbelievable. Possibly that ‘s why he has won more than 10 national and international awards. Rose says that even her law-firm co-workers respect Fatty ‘s work: “ They were all truly impressed. They even said ‘no one could make that but an artist’-and these are rich conservativists who likely own some gorgeous art. ” Such a beautiful art signifier can non be limited to a individual coevals.

Harmonizing to Fatty, the current popularity of tattoos is a consequence of society ‘s development: “ Our civilization is socially progressing, people are open-minded, it ‘s difficult to f-ing believe, is n’t it? ” But maybe it ‘s non so difficult to believe-although tattoos are a signifier of art, they ‘re besides fun and really personal. Each tattoo represents something of import to the individual who is acquiring it-something of import sufficiency to hold it inked for good into his or her tegument. Every individual has single involvements and passions, and tattoos grade that passion. You do n’t hold to be a rebellious badass to acquire a tattoo ; you merely have to care about something adequate to cognize that it is everlastingly. When I get the Red Sox logo tattooed on my dorsum, it is a symbol non merely of a athleticss squad, but of my hometown, something I want to maintain with me everlastingly.

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