Since 2004 the United States has been funding a undertaking that aims at making a “ New Palestinian ” who is content with the Israeli business. It is popularly called Dayton ‘s undertaking, after the U.S. Security Coordinator for the Israel-Palestinian Authority in Tel Aviv. It is a neo-imperialist undertaking of altering the ‘tabula rasa ‘ of the Palestinian individuality disguised as developing the Palestinian National Security Forces and ‘doing nation-building ‘ , a myth that the New Palestinian has unluckily believed. I am reading this undertaking in visible radiation of these four texts: Eric Cheyfitz ‘s The Poetics of Imperialism: Translation and Colonization from the Tempest to Tarzan ( 1997 ) , T. E. Lawrence ‘s Seven Pillars of Wisdom ; A Triumph ( 1922 ) , Fanon ‘s The Wretched of the Earth ( 1965 ) , Ngugi ‘s Decolonizing the Mind: The Politicss of Language in African Literature ( 1986 ) . My statement is that today ‘s “ New Palestinian ” is no different from the other imperialist undertakings of the yesteryear like the New Indian and the New African. In Palestine, as in the New World, the American policy is characterized by these characteristics: ( 1 ) it is a policy that, paradoxically, sees colonisation as peace for the interest of the colonized ; ( 2 ) a policy of covering with the indigens as neither wholly themselves nor wholly the Other ; ( 3 ) a policy of ‘forgetfulness ‘ ; and ( 4 ) a policy of violent metaphoric interlingual rendition, decrease, and homogenisation. A similar undertaking of the yesteryear in the Arab universe is that of T. E. Lawrence ( Lawrence of Arabia ) , a undertaking disguised as preparation and ‘nation edifice ‘ but is in fact ‘role-playing ‘ ( Dayton is normally called the New Lawrence of Arabia ) . In Africa, excessively, the new ‘good ‘ African portions a figure of features with the new ‘good ‘ Palestinian. The paper concludes with an Arab scholarly statement that replies historically and sacredly why the United States spends 1000000s of dollars on such an Israeli undertaking, an statement based on the belief that the events of the past ( including the three imperialist undertakings above ) are nil different from those of today.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be ;

And that which is done is that which shall be done:

And there is no new thing under the Sun.

The Book of Ecclesiastics 1:9

“ What we have created-and I say this in humility-what we have created are new work forces, ” says Lieutenant General Keith Dayton, the U.S. Security Coordinator for the Israel-Palestinian Authority in Tel Aviv in his recent address on May 9, 2009 delivered at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.[ 1 ]The “ new work forces ” Dayton speaks of are immature ground forces Palestinians ( aged twenty-two old ages in norm ) who, since 2004, have been trained by an American-European-Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian squad to be friends with Israel and oppress any Palestinian opposition to the business. Dayton quotes a Palestinian military trainer turn toing the first Palestinian batch graduated in 2005: “ You work forces of Palestine were non sent here to larn how to contend Israel, but you were instead sent here to larn how to maintain jurisprudence and order, respect the right of all of our citizens, and implement the regulation of jurisprudence so that we can populate in peace and security with Israel. ”[ 2 ]‘Now, upon the return of these new work forces of Palestine, ‘ Dayton explains, ‘they have shown motive, subject and professionalism and have made such a difference that senior Israeli Defense Force commanding officers inquire me often, “ How many more of these new Palestinian arabs can you bring forth, and how rapidly can you make that? ” ‘[ 3 ]“ We do n’t supply anything to the Palestinians, ” Dayton asserts, “ unless it has been exhaustively coordinated with the province of Israel and they agree to it. ”[ 4 ]In his article, “ Dayton and the New Palestinian Breed ” Aisling Byrne asserts that in kernel Dayton ‘s work serves to implement Israel ‘s business, even if this is non its expressed purpose.[ 5 ]

It is a new imperialist undertaking that aims at altering the ‘tabula rasa ‘ of the Palestinian individuality by doing him or her forget about opposition which constitutes for the Palestinian his yesteryear, present and future. Fahmi Huwaidi argues that this undertaking is ab initio directed at immature Palestinians in the military and is planned to widen to the Palestinian citizen.[ 6 ]“ Through the plans we are merely get downing with the Presidential Guard, ” says Dayton.[ 7 ]It is disguised as preparation and ‘doing nation-building ‘ as The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman refers to.[ 8 ]“ The key to this metempsychosis, ” Friedman maintains, “ is the enlisting, preparation and deployment of battalions of new Palestinian National Security Forces. ”[ 9 ]

Unfortunately, the New Palestinian has believed this myth. The Commander of Palestinian National Security Forces, Major General Diab el-Ali, speaks with optimism about the success of the undertaking:

We ‘re constructing a force to support our people, and besides to assist the Palestinians build a state. aˆ¦ The chief thing now is to implement the jurisprudence in Palestinian metropoliss. By making this, we generate security, which generates prosperity.[ 10 ]

I think this statement would ironically be more valid if we add the adjectival “ Israeli ” before “ people ” and the “ American ” before “ jurisprudence ” . Dayton quotes a Palestinian military officer turn toing the batch that graduated in 2005: “ The alteration among the new Palestinian work forces in the past twelvemonth is marvelous – mine was the coevals that grew up with intifadas [ opposition ] , and now I have hope that my kids wo n’t hold to make the same thing. ”[ 11 ]These comments of the New Palestinian reminds me of those of Caliban in Shakespeare ‘s The Tempest who confesses the folly of his rebellion against Prospero: “ I ‘ll be wise afterlife, / And seek for grace. What a thrice-double ass/ Was I, to take this rummy for a God, / And worship this dull sap! ”[ 12 ]Therefore, there will be no opposition to colonisation, and any Palestinian who resists Israeli business is labeled ‘terrorist ‘ by all. It is a colonisation undertaking in a new signifier. Freidman observes that ‘the best manner to insulate Hamas in Gaza is precisely what Keith Dayton is up to. ‘[ 13 ]The Israeli political adviser Yossi Alpher believes: “ the Dayton force is a really good thing for Israel as it has already contributed to a considerable Restoration of jurisprudence and order in the West Bank ”[ 14 ]

This is the first major job of Daytonian undertaking ( i.e. the dislocation of opposition ) . Second, Arab intellectuals fear that the undertaking is the first procedure in a planned effort at pass overing the Palestinian state in the same manner America did to the New Indians three hundred old ages ago as Fahmi Huwaidi argues in his article ‘The New Indian is being cloned in Palestine ‘ .[ 15 ]The well-known Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish ( 1942-2008 ) has written a verse form called “ The Speech of the Red Indian ” Translated by Sargon Boulos for The Adam of Two Paradises: Selected Poems, an anthology of Darwish ‘s poesy, edited by Daniel Moore and Munir Akash, the latter is an Arab bookman who has published widely on the American race murder of the Native Indians and the similarities between the Native Indian and the Palestinian. )

In the verse form, Darwish, the Palestinian speech production as a Red Indian, narrates the history of American race murder in the New World. He states that Columbus ‘look for gold in the skulls of our ascendants ‘ and ‘took his fill from the flesh of our life and our dead. ‘[ 16 ]Hinting at Columbus ‘s imperialist bequest in the Third World, he wonders: ‘So why is he set on transporting out his deathly war even from the grave? ‘[ 17 ]Darwish entreaties to the white adult male who ‘killed over 70 million Black Marias ‘ and ‘built your barbarous statues of autonomy over my cadaver ‘ and ‘engraved your Fe crosses on my stony shadow ‘ to ‘take all the gold of the Earth and Sun but leave the land of our names to us. ‘[ 18 ]The stalking-horse of colonisation and race murder is interpreting the indigen from ‘savagery ‘ to ‘civilization ‘ in fulfilment of God ‘s bids as the white adult male says:

“ We bring you civilisation, ” said the alien.

“ March in Indian file so we can tally you

On the face of the lake, cadaver by cadaver.

Keep marching, so the Gospels may boom!

We want God all to ourselves

Because the best Indians are dead Indians

In the eyes of the Lord. ”[ 19 ]

But Darwish reminds the coloniser that this colonising mission is void and null because ‘We were here foremost. ‘[ 20 ]He asks the coloniser non to

demand peace pacts from the dead.

There ‘s no 1 left to recognize you in peace,

Which is nowhere to be seen.[ 21 ]

He narrates the narrative of the American race murder of the Native Indian, a state of affairs really similar to the U.S.-Israeli race murder of the Palestinian:

We lived and flourished before the onslaught of

English guns, Gallic vino and grippe,

Populating in harmony side by side with the Deer People,

Learning our unwritten history by bosom.[ 22 ]

Once a people,

Now we ‘d instead flock to the land of birds.

We ‘ll take a peep at our fatherland through rocks,

Glance it through gaps in clouds.

The coloniser is apathetic to all these values because he forgot his humanity:

But do n’t you of all time

Memorize a few lines of poesy, possibly,

To keep yourself from slaughter?

Were n’t you born of a adult female?

Did n’t you suckle the milk of yearning

From your female parent as we did?[ 23 ]

‘Mother ‘ here stands for ‘land ‘ . And the solution to acquire it back is to ‘take my fatherland by the blade! ‘ Other options are bootless:

I refuse to subscribe a pact between victim and slayer.

I refuse to subscribe a measure of sale

That takes ownership

Of so much as one inch of my corn field

Even if it ‘s my last salute to the Sun![ 24 ]

I would be given to believe that the American foreign policy in Palestine in 2009 is no different from it in the New World in 1492, a policy characterized by these characteristics: ( 1 ) it is a policy that, paradoxically, sees colonisation as inevitable for the interest of the colonized ; ( 2 ) a policy of covering with the indigens as incapable of salvaging themselves ; ( 3 ) a policy of ‘forgetfulness ‘ ; and ( 4 ) a policy of violent metaphoric interlingual rendition, decrease, and homogenisation. I shall cover with each severally.

First, the imperialist American president Teddy Roosevelt believed that “ peace can non be had until the civilised states have expanded in some form over the brutal states.. and we can liberate them merely by destructing atrocity itself. ”[ 25 ]Cheyfitz argues that ‘we can interpret “ civilized ” in Roosevelt ‘s idiom as Anglo-Saxon, or white, and “ brutality ” as the province of every people beyond that picket, ‘[ 26 ], so anyone “ frequently labeled the “ barbaric ‘ or ‘savage ‘ or ‘communist ‘ or “ terrorist ” ‘ .[ 27 ]The coloniser can non make without the colonized:

We can non lose him: he does do our fire,

Fetch in our wood, and serves in offices

That net incomes us.[ 28 ]

Similarly, Dayton believes that peace in Palestine can non take topographic point without Israel:

I am one of those who steadfastly believe in a two-state solution: a Palestinian province life in peace and security alongside the province of Israel is the lone solution that will run into the long-run demands of Israel and the aspirations of the Palestinian people. This has long been the policy of our national leading, and I portion it.[ 29 ]

Here he seems to be reiterating the stalking-horse of imperialism, i.e. I colonize you for your interest: “ I have come across the ages out of the dim and distant yesteryear from the den of the primeval adult male to claim you – for your interest I have become a civilised adult male – for your interest I have crossed oceans and continents – for your interest I will be whatever you will me to be. ”[ 30 ]These words, I think, can besides be said by the indigen or the colonised, more specifically the ‘New Palestinian ‘ who, for the interest of Israel, has become ‘civilized ‘ in the Western sense of the term ( i.e. non-resistant to the Israeli business. ) , precisely what Israel wills him to be.

The words themselves articulate the 2nd characteristic of United States foreign policy towards the Third World in the 20th century. From Teddy Roosevelt to Reagan and George Bush, Cheyfitz argues, this policy craves this response: the 3rd universe states are ‘domestic independent states, ‘ a term Chief Justice Marshall in 1500 used textually to depict the Indians in order to hold the right to colonise them and prehend their land. The United States, in the words of Cheyfitz, is still unable to ‘deal with these people as built-in, different entities, talking their ain linguistic communications ; instead they remain in our official paperss and in our media storage loanblends, neither themselves nor us. ‘[ 31 ]Dayton ‘s undertaking of constructing a new Palestinian state is grounded in this impression of ‘domestic independent states ‘ .

Third, it is a policy of forgetfulness. In the New World, the new Indian had to bury everything ‘Indian ‘ even their original names. As an illustration, Muneer Akash in his book The Right to Sacrifice the Other: the American Genocides ( 2002 ) recalls that while he was learning a category at the University of Suffolk, he twice called a pupil by her original ‘Indian ‘ name, Seng Sok, but he was surprised that she did non answer ; after the category she came trembling to him and asked him to name her by her “ new ” “ Anglo-Christian ” name, Jennifer. “ Naming is the first colonizing act of interlingual rendition, ” Cheyfitz argues.[ 32 ]Similarly, the new Palestinian has to bury everything about opposition, and this is clear from the above illustration of the New Palestinian who decided to learn his kids to bury about intifada ( opposition ) which constitutes his past and history. The names of the Palestinian metropoliss and streets are being replaced with Hebrew names foremost, English second, and Arabic 3rd, and in many instances the Arabic name disappears. Recently on 13 July 2009, the Israeli curate of transit and route safety Yisrael Katz has ordered a alteration in all Arab names of Palestinian towns and metropoliss that appear on marks on the streets into Hebrew names.[ 33 ]It is a policy that asks us to bury about opposition and, alternatively, as Cheyfitz puts it, “ turn our attending perfectly to that ‘decontextualized figure, the terrorist, ”[ 34 ]in this instance Hamas, “ a modern version of that Other European projection, the man-eater or Caliban. ”[ 35 ]“ What the Occident footings cannibalism ( or in today ‘s idiom terrorist act ) , ” says Cheyfitz, “ may merely be a projection of a Western poetics that we could term ‘the authorship of the savageness. ‘ ”[ 36 ]He maintains that get downing with Columbus, “ the thought of cannibalism developed non as an anthropological fact but as a political fiction that the West employed to warrant its development of Native Americans. ”[ 37 ]W. Arens puts the footing of this fiction compactly: “ Resistance [ to Spanish invasions ] and cannibalism [ and terrorist act, excessively ] became synonymous and besides legitimized the barbarian Spanish reaction. ”[ 38 ]Hamas is one of the organisations that are labeled ‘terrorist ‘ by the United States.[ 39 ]The Country Reports on TerrorismA is an one-year study published by theA United States Department of State. Harmonizing to the 2009 Congress study entitled, “ Foreign Terrorist organisations ” , recent U.S. attempts at restricting terrorist funding have targeted charitable foundations that help back up the activities of Hamas. The function of Saudi Arabian citizens in back uping Hamas, straight or indirectly, has been capable to much examination and unfavorable judgment in the United States.[ 40 ]Yemeni churchmans who support Hamas have become U.S. marks. Harmonizing to CNN study, “ the Yemeni Sheik Mohammed Ali Hassan al-Moayad, 57, was convicted in March of trying to funnel 1000000s of dollars to Palestinian-backed Hamas which is an Muslim fundamentalist group that the U.S. State Department labels a terrorist organisation. ”[ 41 ]

Fourthly, it is a policy of violent metaphoric interlingual rendition, of decrease, homogenisation, and supplanting. : ‘Every foreign policy, ‘ Cheyfitz argues, ‘implies a domestic policy, merely as the very term interlingual rendition is defined by the relationship between a impression of the foreign and a impression of domestic. ‘[ 42 ]Metaphor besides suggests ‘wresting ‘ with force the significance of a word into another.[ 43 ]Europe, in other words, seeks to interpret the Native American from the ‘foreign ‘ into the ‘proper ‘ which is nil but translating, or transforming him/her into the ‘property ‘ of the European encroacher. The New Palestinian is, similarly, translated from ‘foreign ‘ to ‘domestic ‘ or ‘proper ‘ from ‘savage ‘ or ‘barbarian ‘ to ‘civil ‘ or ‘civilized ‘ . But this policy of civilizing is so a policy of savaging. An interesting analogue of the state of affairs of the new Palestinian can be seen in the imperialist text of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The scene in which Kala grabs the baby Lord Greystroke from his cot, displacing him with her ain dead babe is, in Cheyfitz ‘s words, “ a figure for the procedure of interlingual rendition that, underlying the U.S. foreign policy, civilizes the other in order to savage her. ”[ 44 ]

This logic of colonisation for the interest of the colonized is repeated in Africa. Ngugi tells us that imperialism turned world upside down: Africa enriches Europe, but Africa is made to believe that it needs Europe to deliver it from poorness. Africa ‘s natural and human resources develop Europe ; but Africa is made to experience thankful to Europe ; Africa even produces intellectuals who now rationalize the inverted manner of looking at Africa.[ 45 ]This is similar to what happens in Palestine where Palestinian officers are praising American and Israeli leading and reprobating any signifier of national opposition as you have seen from the.above mentioned statement made by the New Palestinian.

It was besides repeated in the Arab universe, notably led by the British imperialist T. E. Lawrence ( called Lawrence of Arabia ) . Abdusattar Qasim, in his article ‘Dayton, a Palestinian Leader ‘ argues that Dayton and his European squad frock like Arabs, have Arab repasts, and acquire immersed in Arab imposts, linguistic communication and civilization in order to win the trust of the ‘new ‘ uprooted Palestinian merely as what Lawrence did to the Arabs in 1918.[ 46 ]Dayton is another Lawrence, Blunt, Doughty, Bell, Hogarth, Philby, Sykes, and Storrs. Qasim laments that Arabs have non learnt from history when Lawrence betrayed them and gave the Arab lands to the colonisers. Lawrence admits this fact in his book Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Victory: “ I exploited their higher ideals and made their love of freedom one more tool to assist England win. ”[ 47 ]In his book Arabists Robert Kaplan assets this position: “ During his whole period in Arabia, Lawrence ‘s official position was ever that of a political intelligence officer, who in the terminal did present the Arabs to Great Britain. ”[ 48 ]Arabs, I think, should hold learnt that the events of yesterday are nil different than those of today, that “ the thing that hath been, it is that which shall be ; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the Sun. ”[ 49 ]Kaplan tells us more about Lawrence ‘s imperialist and pro-colonial Zionist political orientation: “ Lawrence thought as an imperialist. He favoured the Balfour Declarations and the Zionist endeavor. aˆ¦ He loathed the Turks and Frenchmen, and he respected the Jews.[ 50 ]‘The sooner the Jews farm it [ Palestine ] , the better, ‘ wrote Lawrence in a missive place.[ 51 ]In Seven Pillars of Wisdom, he besides notes that ‘only in aˆ¦ the everlasting miracle of Jewry, had distant Semites kept some of their individuality and force ‘ in the universe.[ 52 ]

Dayton ‘s undertaking, like Lawrence ‘s, is an imperial one grounded in an Oreintalist vision of an Orient guided and held in cheque by the White Man ‘s adept tuition ; ‘the Orient is “ our ” Orient, “ our ” people, “ our ” rules. ‘[ 53 ]What follows from this vision is ne’er to allow the Orient travel its ain manner or acquire out of manus, the canonical position being that Orientals had no tradition of freedom. And this is what Britain and France did in the Arab Revolt. Lawrence, like Dayton, says: ‘I meant to do a new state, to reconstruct a lost influence, to give 20 1000000s of Semites the foundations on which to construct an divine dream-palace of their national idea. ‘[ 54 ]

The recent movie, Avatar seems to include such imperialist thoughts that the indigens can non salvage themselves but are dependent on the white adult male to salvage them. Dayton is another Jake Sully who would salvage the indigens from their ain savageness.

Dayton has convinced the new Palestinians that this undertaking is for their interest as is apparent from the statement I quoted of the New Palestinian military officer who praised Dayton ‘s undertaking and rejoiced that his kids would no longer hold to defy business. Similarly, Lawrence had to convert the Arabs that his position of the run and theirs were the same, that his reading of Arab civilization was in fact their world, to ‘set afire the Arabs ‘ imaginativenesss and so let them to believe that the thought for rebellion is theirs ‘[ 55 ]:

The Arab cause which was theirs by sentiment, and inherent aptitude and disposition, became theirs by involvement besides. Slowly our illustration and instruction converted them: really easy, by their ain pick, that they might be ours more certainly.[ 56 ]( Emphasis mine )

The scheme that Lawrence and Dayton used for this terminal is what Stephen Greenblatt has termed improvisation, the evident empathy of one who uses his cognition of a civilization ‘s beliefs in order to turn them to his ain intents. As Greenblatt observes, what makes improvisation possible is

the ability and willingness to play a function, to transform oneself, if merely for a brief period and with mental reserves, into another. This necessitates the credence of camouflage. . . . Such role-playing in bend depends upon the transmutation of another ‘s world into a tractable fiction.[ 57 ]

Indeed, this role-playing is what Lawrence admits to hold done. Throughout Seven Pillars of Wisdom, he describes his activities in the run as role-playing and playing. Before Arab eyes, he claims, “ I must play out my boring portion ” .[ 58 ]He playacts to sound Feisal ‘s “ mettle and beliefs ” .[ 59 ]He acknowledges the “ duplicity which had to be my head ‘s wont: that pretension to take the national rebellion of another race, the day-to-day posturing in foreign frock, prophesying in foreign address ” .[ 60 ]He describes his public presentation before an Arab “ to whose gallery I must play ” .[ 61 ]When Allenby refuses his petition for transportation, he concludes: “ I must take up once more my mantle of fraud in the East. . . . It might be fraud or it might be farce: no 1 should state that I could non play it ” .[ 62 ]

This role-playing, including larning the linguistic communication of the people is an imperialist scheme practiced earlier in the Americas. For illustration, in his Discourse of Western Planting ( 1584 ) Richard Hakluyt gives us an instrumental version of the book of foreign policy when he informed his royal reader, queen Elizabeth, that harmonizing to important studies of certain European voyagers, native Americans are really easy to carry and wishful to go Christians and to accomplish this end, the English have to merely ‘plant a settlement or two over at that place, learn the linguistic communication of the people, and acquaint themselves with the their mode and distil in the indigens ‘ psyches the sugariness of the Gospel.[ 63 ]This is what happened with Lawrence of Arabia and it is besides what is go oning in Palestine by Dayton, who is normally called the Lawrence of Palestine or the New Lawrence of Arabia. But there was a displacement in the imperialist scheme in the New World, Cheyfitz argues. Twenty five old ages subsequently, another imperialist text, Instruction manuals From The London Council Of Virginia Company ordered Sir Thomas Gates ( 1585-1621 ) , the leader and governor of the Colony of Virginia, to do a program for educating the kids of Algonkian leaders in the English linguistic communication and manners, ‘for if you educate those which are immature and to win in the authorities in your manners and faith, their people will easy obey you and go in clip Civil and Christian. ‘ .[ 64 ]This is about the exact thing that is go oning in Palestine: the Dayton undertaking of educating the kids of the military officers in English, and educating the immature, 22 old ages old, in the manners of the Americans and Israelis and the consequence is the new ‘civil ‘ Palestinian. For ‘to speak English is non merely to pass on through linguistic communication but to talk ‘in English political and economic footings. ‘[ 65 ]The New Palestinians are ‘willingly talking proper English, the linguistic communication of “ civilisation. ” ‘[ 66 ]Another illustration. Antonio De Nebrija writes in 1492 in the debut to his Gramatica, the first grammar of a modern European lingua that ‘language has ever been the spouse ( “ comapnera ” ) of imperium. ‘[ 67 ]And in a ceremonial presentation of the volume to Queen Isabella, the bishop of Avila, talking on the bookman ‘s behalf, claimed a still more cardinal function for linguistic communication. When the Queen asked categorically: “ What is it for? ” the bishop replied, “ Your Majesty, linguistic communication is the perfect instrument of imperium. ”[ 68 ]

Now Africa. In the foreword to Fanon ‘s The Wretched of the Earth, Sartre acknowledges this imperialist undertaking of the new native as a general scheme of the Western coloniser:

The European elite undertook to fabricate a native elite. They picked out promising striplings ; they branded them, as with a juicy Fe, with the rules of Western civilization aˆ¦ Europe had created a new strain, the Graeco-Latin Negroes. ‘[ 69 ]( Italics master )

This competently applies to the ‘New Palestinian ‘ , the 22 old ages ‘promising striplings. The American officer ‘s inquiry to Dayton: ‘how many more work forces of this type can you bring forth? ‘ is indistinguishable with ‘manufacture ‘ and ‘create ‘ here. The consequence is that they are ‘whitewashed ‘ .[ 70 ]The phrase “ Black tegument and white masks ” can really good be applied to these Palestinian squad of Dayton, ( called Dayton ‘s babes ) who are ‘Arab in tegument ( white or black ) with a Western mask. ‘ They are like Macaulay ‘s ‘Indian in tegument, English in gustatory sensation, manners and instruction. ”[ 71 ]

Another similarity between the New African, the New Palestinian and the New Indian is that they portion the coloniser ‘s quality of ‘goodness ‘ . Ngugi observes that the term “ the good African ” as “ the 1 who co-operated with the European coloniser ; peculiarly the African who helped the European coloniser in the business and subjection of his ain people and state ; the bad African character was the 1 who offered opposition to the foreign conquering. ”[ 72 ]A group of African pro-colonial leaders, he explains, begged France to direct military personnels to Chad to protect Gallic involvements, threatened by ‘the imperialist ‘ Libya. The Kenyan leader, with a secret trade with the United States, allowed for US bases in Kenya. Similarly, Mahmud Abbas, the modern-day Palestinian leader, has publically signed the understanding of developing the New Palestinian force by Dayton ‘s squad.[ 73 ]Worse, late in October 2009 Abbas himself, like the unreliable Kenyan leader, begged the Security Council of the United Nations to postpone the ballot on the U.N. Goldstone ‘s Report which recommends the test of a figure of condemnable Israeli functionaries during Israel ‘s recent war on Gaza.[ 74 ]It is truly a paradox that the Palestinian leader himself begs the postponement of the Report while 33 states, Arab and non-Arab, recommend vote on it. There has been a strong sense of dissatisfaction and bitterness in the whole Arab universe against this behavior in the signifier of work stoppages, heated arguments on orbiter channels, and even calls for Abbas to vacate.[ 75 ]

These leaders, Ngugi believes, are of the same head of the imperialists:

They are really imploring for a re-colonization of their ain states with themselves as the neo-colonial governors populating in modern fortresses. They are happier as the neo-slave drivers of their ain people. … they are mass-murders, plunderers, robbers, and stealers.[ 76 ]

I truly liked Ngugi ‘s comparing between these leaders and Dr Faustus, who sold his psyche to the Satan for a material addition.[ 77 ]Their life is a ‘story of work forces who had sold their psyches and that of the state to the foreign Satan of imperialism. … the narrative of the immorality that takes pride in immorality… the narrative of robbers who take pride in robbing the multitudes. ‘[ 78 ]

In the New World, we had the same footings: ‘The good Indian ‘ and ‘the bad Indian, ‘ the latter refers to anyone “ who, like the historical Caribs, ferociously resisted European enlargement in the Caribbean. ”[ 79 ]Cheyfitz maintains that, like ‘Cannibal ‘ , the adjectival ‘bad ‘ ( and late ‘evil ‘ and ‘terrorist ‘ ) is used by the United States to denominate any signifier of opposition to its neo-imperialist aspirations. Harmonizing to Aluf Benn, the old premier curates Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert depict Abbas as “ the good Palestinian, ” a leader of centrists who are opposed to terror, in contrast to “ bad Palestinians ” like Yasser Arafat and the Hamas leaders.[ 80 ]

Why does the United States of America spend such a immense sum of money to back up this undertaking?[ 81 ]“ I deeply believe that it is in the national security involvement of the United States to assist decide the Israeli-Palestinian difference, ” Dayton replies. He adds: “ Let me province really clearly my deep conviction-and I tell this to my Israeli friends all the time-that as President Obama said last twelvemonth, the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable today, it is unbreakable tomorrow, and it is unbreakable everlastingly. ”[ 82 ]Muneer Akash, the professor of humanistic disciplines in the University of Suffolk, exposes this sort of ‘bond ‘ more clearly in his Arabic book, The Right to Sacrifice the Other: the American Genocides ( 2002 ) . His statement is that the English Protestants — who migrated to the new universe, America ( which they called ‘Israel ‘ ) and called themselves ‘the Jews of Spirit ‘ or ‘the Puritans ‘ — would retrieve the migration ( Exodus ) of the ancient Hebrew people from Egypt to Canaan ( Palestine ) and the spiritual race murder against the people of Canaan by the Hebrews ( God ‘s chosen people ) in fulfilment of God ‘s order.[ 83 ]Today ‘s Israelis, like the English Puritans, think of themselves as God ‘s chosen people who are justified in the race murder of the ‘evil ‘ Native American in fulfilment of God ‘s bids. Akash argues that these spiritual myths are the driving force of what is go oning in Palestine presents, a spiritual and cultural race murder. Indeed, “ The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be ; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the Sun. ”[ 84 ]