Summary Of The Chamber Of Secrets English Literature Essay

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It ‘s been another long summer at the Dursley ‘s for Harry Potter. He ca n’t wait to acquire back to Hogwarts and is numbering down the yearss until he can return. He ‘s surprised when, on his birthday, a unusual animal named Dobby shows up with desperate warnings for Harry: He must non return to Hogwarts!

When Harry flat out garbages to remain home Dobby lands him in tonss of problem with the Dursley ‘s, who lock Harry up in his room and garbage to allow him out. Before Harry can drop excessively far into desperation, nevertheless, Ron and his two brothers come to his deliverance in a flight auto and spirit him back to Ron ‘s house, where Harry is thrilled to pass the balance of the summer.

Therefore starts an eventful 2nd twelvemonth for Harry. Between holding to get by with more prep than of all time, a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor who is vain and positive Harry is excessively, and a cryptic voice he keeps hearing in the walls, Harry ‘s yearss are nil if non interesting.

As the school twelvemonth progresses, nevertheless, the cryptic voice Harry keeps hearing is acquiring more and more menacing, and shortly barbarous onslaughts start go oning on the pupils of Hogwarts. When Harry discovers, rather by accident, that he is a Parslemouth and can talk to snakes, he ‘s rapidly singled out as Slytherin ‘s Heir, the individual who, harmonizing to fable, is opening the cryptic ‘Chamber of Secrets ‘ and allowing out the monster.

Of class Harry has no thought who is assailing the pupils, but he rapidly resolves to happen out who is responsible. He, Ron, and Hermione come up with an luxuriant program to mask themselves as Slytherin pupils so they can oppugn Draco Malfoy, whom they believe IS the one puting the monster free in the school. The program goes absolutely, but they ‘re disappointed when they find out from Draco that he is non the 1 they ‘re looking for.

The quest gets personal when Hermione is attacked and Petrified by the monster. Ron and Harry are devastated, and are left on their ain to bring out the true individuality of the individual responsible. Events come to a caput when Ron ‘s sister, Ginny, is kidnapped and taken down into the Chamber, and they discover an of import hint that Hermione left for them. They rapidly head down into the Chamber of Secrets to deliver Ginny.

Harry and Ron get separated one time they ‘re down at that place and Harry is left to prosecute the monster on his ain. He rapidly finds Ginny, and thanks to some cryptic aid from Dumbledore and his Phoenix Harry is able to destruct Slytherin ‘s Heir, whom he ‘s amazed to happen out is a younger version of Lord Voldemort. Voldemort was possessing Ginny through an enchanted journal and was utilizing her to put the monster free on the pupils.

Harry and Ron are both hailed as hero ‘s when they make it back out with Ginny, and Harry ca n’t conceive of a finer terminal to such an eventful twelvemonth when Hermione and the remainder of the victims are healed and they win Gryffindor tonss of House Points.

Character List

* Harry Potter – Harry is the chief character in ‘Chamber of Secrets ‘ . In his 2nd twelvemonth at Hogwarts Harry is ostracized from his fellow pupils when they think he is Slytherin ‘s inheritor, and is puting free a monster on them to unclutter out the half-bloods in the school. His friends Ron and Hermione base by his side, and together they set out to work out the enigma of the Chamber of Secrets.

* Ron Weasley – Ron is Harry ‘s best friend. This twelvemonth Ron helps Harry look into the Chamber of Secrets. He sticks by Harry ‘s side when everyone else doubts him, and Ron besides follows Harry into the Chamber itself when his sister, Ginny, is taken surety by the monster.

* Hermione Granger – Hermione is Harry ‘s other best friend. She is one of the smartest pupils at Hogwarts, and plays a cardinal function in assisting Harry figure out what the monster really is and where it ‘s concealing. She is unable to assist them work out the enigma, nevertheless, because she gets Petrified by the monster and is sequestered in the infirmary wing.

* Ginny Weasley – Ginny is Ron ‘s small sister, and has an guiltless crush on Harry. It ‘s her first twelvemonth at Hogwarts, and she is hoodwinked by Lord Voldemort when she starts composing in an enchanted journal that used to be his. She is taken confined by the monster and taken down into the Chamber of Secrets, where she is rescued by Harry.

* Gilderoy Lockhart – Lockhart is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. He is a really celebrated writer, but knows perfectly nil about existent defence. He is really much in love with himself and his beautiful smiling, and falsely believes Harry is every bit narcissistic as he is. He reveals to Harry and Ron that he lied about everything he ‘s written about in his books, but is forced by them to travel into the Chamber of Secrets, where he by chance wipes his ain memory clean.

* Albus Dumbledore – Dumbledore is Headmaster at Hogwarts. He cares really much for Harry, and is ever looking out for him. Dumbledore is asked to step down this twelvemonth as more and more pupils are attacked by the monster, but he helps Harry out vastly in the Chamber of Secrets when he sends his phoenix down with a arm to assist.

* Tom Riddle – Riddle is truly Lord Voldemort ‘s younger ego. He lives merely in the journal that Ginny writes in, and bewitches her through the diary to open the Chamber of Secrets and set the monster free. He battles with Harry at the terminal, but in the terminal is defeated.

* Draco Malfoy – Malfoy is Harry ‘s Nemesis. He is in Slytherin House, and for most of the twelvemonth Harry, Ron, and Hermione are certain that he is the one opening the Chamber of Secrets. They ‘re all surprised when they discover that he has no thought who is puting the monster loose.

* Lucius Malfoy – Lucius is Draco ‘s male parent. He hates the Weasley ‘s, and he ” s the 1 that slips Ginny the enchanted journal when he and Mr. Weasley about acquire into a battle at Flourish and Blotts bookstore. Harry angers Lucius at the terminal of the twelvemonth when he tricks him into puting his house hob, Dobby, free.

* Dobby – Dobby is the Malfoy ‘s house hob. While he is bound to maintain the Malfoy ” s secrets, he is able to give Harry hints and warnings about what is go oning at Hogwarts. He about kills Harry legion times in his attempt to protect him.

* Hagrid – Hagrid is the game warden at Hogwarts and cares a great trade for Harry. This twelvemonth he is taken off to Azkaban when the Minister of Magic suspects that it might be him puting the monster loose upon the palace. Harry is able to turn out that Hagrid was falsely accused the first clip of opening the Chamber of Secrets old ages ago, and Hagrid is enraptured to be back at Hogwarts when he ‘s eventually set free.

* Fred and George Weasley – Fred and George are Ron ‘s older brothers and are indistinguishable twins. They help Ron deliverance Harry before school starts in their pa ‘s winging auto. They ‘re celebrated for acquiring into mischievousness at school.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: The Worst Birthday

Harry is holding the worst birthday of all time. Not merely have the Dursley ‘s wholly forgotten about Harry turning 12, but Uncle Vernon is holding his foreman over for dinner in order to finish a really of import gross revenues trade. This means that Harry has to pass the eventide sequestered in his room, doing no noise and pretense he does n’t be. He has gotten no cards, and no nowadayss, and feels perfectly unseeable. As he dully scuttles up to his sleeping room when the invitees arrive he ‘s surprised to happen there ‘s a unusual animal already sitting on his bed.

Chapter 2: Dobby ‘s Warning

The animal turns out to be a house hob named Dobby. To his horror, Dobby turns out to be extremely emotional, and his weedy-thin voice carries down the steps where Uncle Vernon is negociating his dinner meeting with his foreman. Harry knows he ‘ll be in large problem if the dark goes amiss, so he tries difficult to maintain Dobby quiet. It ‘s difficult because Dobby worships Harry, and has come to state him he must non return to Hogwarts. Dobby ca n’t state him any particulars though. Harry is besides ashen to happen out that Dobby has been stealing all of his mail so he would believe he did n’t hold friends at school.

As Dobby refuses to give Harry back his letters, he makes Harry promise he wo n’t travel back to Hogwarts and put himself in danger. Of class, Harry refuses, and to his discouragement Dobby and the letters disappear. Harry runs downstairs to happen him, and his bosom stops when he sees Dobby in the kitchen, drifting a mammoth pudding in midair. When Harry once more refuses to remain place from Hogwarts, Dobby drops the mammoth pudding on the floor, directing it winging all over the kitchen.

He ‘s promised decease by Uncle Vernon, who manages to gloss the whole thing over. It ends severely, nevertheless, when an bird of Minerva sent by the Ministry of Magic arrives and terrifies the invitees. Harry is admonished by the Ministry for executing charming outside of school and when Uncle Vernon finds that Harry is non allowed to utilize charming during holiday he locks Harry up in his room and installs bars on his Windowss.

Three yearss after his imprisonment, Harry wakes up to happen Ron Weasley drifting outside his window.

Chapter 3: The Burrow

Harry is amazed to happen that Ron, Fred, and George have come to take him place in a winging auto that their male parent owns. Using the auto they pull the bars off Harry ‘s sleeping room window and burden Harry ‘s material in. Harry hardly makes it off from the appreciation of Uncle Vernon, but eventually pulls free and they joyously set off into the dark towards Ron ‘s place.

As Harry catches them up on the Dobby debacle, none of the male childs truly believe Dobby was stating the truth about at that place being a unsafe secret plan in Hogwarts.

Harry is enraptured when they eventually acquire to the Burrow but it does n’t last more than a minute when Mrs. Weasley, Ron ‘s female parent, comes stalking out of the house, livid that the male childs confiscated the auto and risked so much to travel acquire Harry. Her fury does n’t last excessively long, nevertheless, and she makes them a delightful breakfast.

Mr. Weasley gets a gustatory sensation of his married woman ‘s fury a spot subsequently when he comes place from work and gimmicks it from her for enrapturing the auto to wing. Harry and Ron retreat to his room to get away the conflict and Harry admits to Ron that he loves the messy, scattered house that Ron calls place.

Chapter 4: At Flourish And Blotts

Life at the Burrow is wholly different from life with the Dursley ‘s and Harry is really happy disbursement the last spot of summer holiday at that place. When booklists arrive from Hogwarts they plan to run into up with Hermione in Diagon Alley and all do their shopping together.

They travel to Diagon Alley utilizing Floo pulverization, which allows aces to go from one hearth to another. Harry is nervous about going this manner and, to his horror, he ends up in some dark thaumaturgy store. He overhears Draco Malfoy ‘s male parent, Lucius, selling a clump a toxicants to the store proprietor and every bit shortly as he can, he creeps out and starts looking for Diagon Alley.

He ‘s really much relieved to knock into Hagrid, who rapidly steers him the right way and they meet up with the Weasley ‘s and go on their shopping.

When they get to the bookshop they ‘re all surprised to see celebrated writer Gilderoy Lockhart there subscribing transcripts of his latest book. He takes a promotion exposure with Harry and so announces that he ‘ll be geting at Hogwarts shortly to presume the station of Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor. They bump into the Malfoy ‘s and Mr. Weasley and Mr. Malfoy about acquire into a battle when Mr. Malfoy insults his household. Harry is decidedly glad to acquire back to the Burrow.

Chapter 5: The Whomping Willow

They ‘re running highly late the forenoon they all have to run into the Hogwarts Express. Piques are high and Ron and Harry are the last 1s to force through the barrier to run into the train. They ‘re both amazed, nevertheless, when the gate seals itself against them and they ‘re stuck at the Muggle station, unable to acquire through.

They panic until Ron gets the brilliant thought to utilize the winging Ford Anglia to acquire to Hogwarts. They set off instantly, following the train through the air. Merely as they reach Hogwarts, nevertheless, the auto dies and they crash into a mammoth tree on the evidences. Ron ‘s wand is broken about in half and they rapidly figure out that the tree they ‘ve landed in is purpose on killing them.

When they eventually make it up to the school, they ‘re met by Snape, who promises them ejection since Muggles saw them in the flight auto. When Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall show up, nevertheless, they are relieved to detect they ‘re non expelled. They are still in a batch of problem, though, but merely acquire a detainment.

They ‘re the heroes of the Gryffindor common room that dark and Harry is highly happy to be back at Hogwarts when he eventually climbs into bed.

Chapter 6: Gilderoy Lockhart

Their first twenty-four hours back does non get down off good. Ron gets a Belly laugh from his female parent, who is ferocious with him for stealing the auto. Then Professor Lockhart accuses Harry of stealing the auto to gain himself a bit more fame, even when Harry assures him whole-heartedly that this is non so.

Lessons prove to be highly hard, and Harry feels that everything he learned the old twelvemonth fell out of his caput over the summer. His first category with Lockhart proves to be incredible. Lockhart is wholly in love with himself and does n’t learn them anything utile at all. He brings along a coop full of Cornish elfs and when they prove to be about impossible to command, he assigns Ron, Harry, and Hermione the undertaking of capturing them and leaves rapidly with the remainder of the category.

Chapter 7: Mudbloods And Murmurs

Harry tries difficult to avoid Lockhart the remainder of the hebdomad and by the clip the weekend comes he ‘s ready for a interruption. His newest fan, first twelvemonth Colin Creevey, follows Harry down to Quidditch pattern and keeps adding fuel to the fire as he hero-worships Harry invariably. Harry is dismayed to happen out that Draco Malfoy is Slytherin ‘s new Seeker and bought his whole squad trade name new brooms. He calls Hermione a awful word, ‘Mudblood ‘ , and Ron is horrified when he tries to cuss Malfoy with his broken wand and ends up cussing himself.

Harry finds out subsequently that afternoon that his detainment will be with Lockhart, of all people, assisting him react to his fan mail. As he ‘s in the office with Lockhart he hears a unusual, whispery voice that Lockhart ca n’t hear at all. Subsequently, this voice proves to be the Basilisk. He ‘s unnerved about it when he goes to bed that dark.

Chapter 8: The Deathday Party

When the Gryffindor shade, Nearly Headless Nick, gets Harry out of problem with Filch one twenty-four hours, Harry is so thankful he agrees to come to Nick ‘s deathday party on Halloween dark. When he, Ron, and Hermione show up, nevertheless, he ca n’t wait to go forth. It ‘s creepy and uncomfortable and full of other shades.

When they eventually manage to mouse out, Harry once more hears the chilling voice in the walls. Even though Ron and Hermione are right following to him, they could n’t hear it at all. It whispers about killing person and Harry races down the hall after it. They follow it into a hallway where they ‘re shocked to happen a message written in ruddy, proclaiming the Chamber of Secrets to be opened once more, and Filch ‘s cat, Mrs. Norris, frozen and dead looking.

Chapter 9: The Writing On The Wall

When Dumbledore shows up they instantly follow him into Lockhart ‘s office, where Harry is queerly loath to state him about the voice merely he can hear.

The following few yearss all anyone can speak about is the Chamber of Secrets. In their History of Magic category, Professor Binns tells them that the fable of the Chamber goes back centuries. Apparently Slytherin built a secret chamber within the school and sealed a monster inside it as if by magic. No 1 but Slytherin ‘s true inheritor would be able to open the chamber but one time they did the monster would purge the school of all Muggle-borns.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione spend the eventide compulsively discoursing the Chamber of Secrets and jabing about for hints. Harry begins to believe that Malfoy might be the Heir of Slytherin and they rapidly come up with a program to happen out. They ‘re traveling to seek to do Polyjuice Potion, which will do them look like person else, and mouse into the Slytherin common room to interrogate Malfoy.

Chapter 10: The Rogue Bludger

They trick Lockhart into giving them permission to utilize the Restricted Section in the library and take out the book they need to brew up some Polyjuice Potion. They ‘re horrified when they realize they ‘re traveling to hold to steal a clump of the ingredients and that the potion will take a month to brew but they resolve to travel frontward with the program.

During the first Quidditch lucifer of the season Harry realizes that person has cursed one of the bludgers because it wo n’t halt traveling after him. Fred and George do all they can make to protect him but Harry decides to take attention of it on his ain by out-maneuvering it. Merely as he is about to catch the Snitch, nevertheless, it hits his arm hard and interrupt it. He manages to make out with his other manus, grab the Snitch, and win the game for Gryffindor.

Equally shortly as he lands he passes out from the hurting and when he comes to he finds Lockhart standing over him, trying to bring around him. When he casts the enchantment he ends up taking Harry ‘s bone, non repairing it.

He has to pass the dark in the infirmary wing as Madam Pompfrey regrows the castanetss in his arm and in the center of the dark he ‘s awakened by Dobby of all things. He ‘s ashen when he finds out it was Dobby that prevented him from acquiring on the train and apoplectic when Dobby admits to cussing the Bludger. He still ca n’t state Harry what ‘s go oning at Hogwarts and wants him to travel place so he is n’t killed.

Suddenly Dobby vanishes when he hears person coming as Dumbledore walks in to the infirmary flying with Professor McGonagall. They ‘re transporting person who is stiff as a board and when Madam Pomfrey comes in she ‘s horrified at what she sees. Colin Creevey has been petrified merely like Filch ‘s cat, Mrs. Norris. Harry overhears Dumbledore stating the Chamber of Secrets has so been opened once more.

Chapter 11: The Dueling Club

When Harry gets out of the infirmary wing he meets up with Ron and Hermione, who have started working on the Polyjuice Potion. They decide to do a recreation in Snape ‘s category so they can steal the ingredients they need and Hermione shocks them both by volunteering to make the existent larceny. The program goes absolutely and they get what they need.

Lockhart starts a Dueling Club subsequently that hebdomad and the first meeting is a catastrophe when Malfoy and Harry affaire d’honneur and Malfoy shoots a serpent out of his wand at Harry. All Harry does is state the serpent to travel away but for some ground it terrifies all the pupils and Ron rushes him out of the room. Harry subsequently finds out that he is a Parselmouth and can speak to serpents. Now everyone thinks he ‘s Slytherin ‘s inheritor and is responsible for opening the Chamber of Secrets. When another pupil is attacked, Harry is taken to see Dumbledore.

Chapter 12: The Polyjuice Potion

Before Dumbledore can face Harry, Hagrid bursts through the door, shouting that Harry had nil to make with the latest victim. Dumbledore rapidly assures him that he does non believe Harry was involved but he asks Harry if there ‘s anything he ‘d wish to state him. Again, Harry does non uncover he can hear a voice in the walls and says nil.

During Christmas, Harry, Ron, and Hermione all stay at Hogwarts in order to eventually acquire into Slytherin ‘s common room to inquiry Malfoy. The potion is eventually ready on Christmas Day, and to their amazement Hermione already has a well-thought-out program for how it ‘s traveling to work. They put Crabbe and Goyle to kip with enchanted cupcakes and utilize a piece of their hair to throw into their several potions. Before they know it, Ron and Harry are looking merely like Crabbe and Goyle. Hermione is hysterical for some ground and refuses to come out of her public toilet stall, so they leave without her.

They rapidly run into Malfoy and do it into the common room, where they ‘re shocked to detect that Malfoy has no thought who the inheritor of Slytherin is. They hardly make it out of the common room without being detected after the Polyjuice Potion all of a sudden begins to have on off.

When they make it back to the bathroom they eventually persuade Hermione to come out of her bathroom stall and are horrified to detect she still looks like a cat after by chance utilizing a cat hair in her potion.

Chapter 13: The Very Secret Diary

Hermione has to remain in the infirmary flying for hebdomads and is thankful to Ron and Harry for conveying her prep to her every eventide.

One eventide, Ron and Harry are walking down the hall when they hear Groaning Myrtle sobbing harder than she of all time has earlier. She informs them that person threw a book at her and when Harry picks it up he ‘s intrigued because it looks merely like a diary and he sees that it one time belonged to person named T. M. Riddle. To his letdown it ‘s clean but, non rather cognizing why, he pockets the book.

One dark he starts composing in the diary and is amazed when the diary starts composing back to him, speaking to him.

The male child, Tom Riddle, tells Harry that he was the 1 that caught the individual who opened the Chamber of Secrets the first clip. Tom invites Harry into his universe to see how he caught the individual. Nervously, Harry agrees and is pulled into the journal. He follows Tom into a secret passageway and is shocked beyond belief when he discovers it was Hagrid that was responsible for opening the Chamber the first clip.

Chapter 14: Cornelius Fudge

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are shocked that Hagrid could hold anything to make with the Chamber of Secrets but they decide non to face him about it.

One twenty-four hours, Harry is surprised to happen out person pilfered his bole, looking for something, and he rapidly realizes that Riddle ‘s journal is gone. The following twenty-four hours on their manner down to the following Quidditch lucifer, Harry once more hears the murmuring voice. The game is merely approximately to get down when Professor McGonagall announces that the game has been cancelled and she brings a baffled Harry and Ron up to the infirmary wing. They ‘re shocked to happen out that Hermione has been Petrified along with a Ravenclaw miss.

After the latest dual onslaught, security is tightened vastly. Desperate, Harry and Ron sneak to Hagrid ‘s house to inquire him about opening the Chamber the first clip. Before they start speaking about it, nevertheless, they must rapidly conceal when person else knocks on the door. They ‘re shocked when Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, enter, shortly followed by Lucius Malfoy. Hagrid is taken off to Azkaban as a ‘precaution ‘ , and Dumbledore is forced to step down every bit Headmaster. Before he leaves, Hagrid gives them a cryptic intimation, stating them to follow the spiders if they want more information.

Chapter 15: Aragog

Harry and Ron eventually happen some spiders to follow, and they head into the Forbidden Forest after them. They are highly unnerved by the creepy, dark wood. Amazingly plenty, they find Ron ‘s pa ‘s auto, the winging Ford Anglia, rolling about the Forest. Suddenly they ‘re captured by mammoth spiders and are taken back to a nest that is filled with 1000s of other spiders. Ron, who has a fright of spiders, is wholly petrified and Harry is excessively. He truly does n’t see how they ‘re traveling to acquire out of there alive.

The leader, a mammoth spider named Aragog, tells them that Hagrid raised him from a bantam egg and protected him when the Chamber of Secrets was opened earlier. Aragog tells them that the animal that ‘s in the palace is one that spiders fear above all others but wo n’t state them what it is.

Merely when Harry and Ron are about to be eaten, the Ford Anglia comes to their deliverance and gives them a drive out of the wood.

Chapter 16: The Chamber Of Secrets

Harry eventually figures out that Groaning Myrtle is the miss that was killed the first clip the Chamber was opened, so the first opportunity they get, they sneak off to her bathroom to oppugn her. They ‘re caught by Professor McGonagall, though, and state her that they ‘re on their manner to see Hermione in the infirmary wing. She buys the narrative but they have no pick after that but to head up and see Hermione. While they ‘re up at that place, Harry spots a piece of paper in her manus and, one time they tug it free, they read that she discovered what the animal was — a basilisk, which is a mammoth serpent that kills people with it ‘s stare ( people were Petrified because they saw the eyes indirectly, in different ways ) . Hermione besides wrote down the word ‘pipes ‘ , which is how the animal was acquiring around the palace.

They instantly head to the staff room to state Professor McGonagall this new information but overhear some tragic intelligence. Ginny, Ron ‘s sister, has been taken confined by the monster. The other professors commit Lockhart to happening the monster since he ‘s ever touting about the things he ‘s done, so Harry and Ron caput to his office subsequently to state him the new information. To their astonishment, they find him about to run off and he tells them that he ne’er did any of the material he wrote approximately. He ‘s about to pass over their memory, but Harry threatens him. Since Lockhart has little skill, he drops his wand and they all troop to Moaning Myrtle ‘s bathroom to oppugn her.

She tells them where they can happen the animal and they rapidly set off through the tunnels to deliver Ginny. When Lockhart tries once more to cuss them and get away, Ron ‘s wand blowbacks on him and Harry and Ron get separated in the collapsed tunnel. Harry continues on to the Chamber entirely.

Chapter 17: The Heir Of Slytherin

When he reaches the Chamber, he rapidly finds Ginny, who is unconscious. Tom Riddle is besides there and Harry is horrified when he realizes that Tom has stolen his wand and he ‘s the 1 that opened the Chamber — by possessing Ginny — and put loose the basilisk. She ‘s been composing in the journal all twelvemonth and Tom took advantage of her through the diary. Harry finds out that Tom Riddle is truly a school-aged Lord Voldemort.

As Riddle negotiations, Harry tells him that Dumbledore is the best ace there is. Fawkes, Dumbedore ‘s Phoenix, all of a sudden shows up bearing the Screening Hat. Harry ‘s non certain what he ‘s supposed to make with a chapeau as a arm but when Riddle calls frontward the basilisk to kill him, he does n’t hold to worry merely yet. Fawkes swoops down and pokes its eyes out.

Terrified, Harry wishes there was person down at that place to assist him and every bit shortly as he mumbles this the Sorting Hat spits forth a beautiful blade. Harry is able to drive the blade into the roof of the basilisk ‘s oral cavity but is bitten on the arm in the procedure. Harry is certain he is deceasing and Fawkes flies over and calls over his arm, mending Harry with his cryings. Fawkes so grabs the diary and drops it in Harry ‘s lap and, non rather cognizing why, he stabs the journal with the Fang that the basilisk left in his arm. This destroys Riddle and leaves Harry entirely with Ginny in the Chamber.

As they make their manner back to Ron, Ginny is horrified over what she ‘s done. Fawkes helps them all out of the Chamber and they head instantly to Professor McGonagall ‘s office.

Chapter 18: Dobby ‘s Reward

Harry tells Dumbledore and the really alleviated Weasley ‘s everything that happened down in the Chamber. Ginny is non punished for being tricked by Voldemort and Ron and Harry are both honored for their service to the school.

When everyone else has left the office, Dumbledore shows Harry that he genuinely belongs in Gryffindor because the blade that came out of the Sorting Hat was Godric Gryffindor ‘s blade.

When Harry leaves the office he runs into Lucius Malfoy and Dobby in the hallway. Dobby is huddling before his maestro, terrified, and all of a sudden Harry gets an inspiration. Dobby helps him calculate out that it was Lucius that passed Ginny the diary before school started in Flourish and Blotts. Harry is able to go through Lucius the diary back in a dirty sock and when Malfoy throws away the sock in disgust Dobby catches it and is set free. Malfoy is ashen that Harry lost him his retainer but Dobby is more thankful than he can state for being freed.

The terminal of term banquet is one of the finest that Harry has of all time seen and as he sets off back to the Dursley ‘s, he ‘s already looking frontward to the terminal of the summer — when he can come back to Hogwarts.