The Clash Of Generations English Literature Essay

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The female parent and male parent of a individual ever tell him to retrieve his heritage, non to allow travel of the traditions of his ascendants and to move in a manner that respects their lives. However, these things they tell him to make can non all be applied in the clip where everything is altering, from the usage of old values to the new 1s that can non even be kept up with because the rate of alteration is really fast. Based on my experience, when person tries to make both what his parents want and what he needs to be a portion of his coevals, he will detect differences among these coevalss, like the music manner that has changed from traditional to modern. Reasons for these differences may besides be discovered in that experience, such as the new emerging surveies of scientific discipline of the industrial revolution that has caused a batch of struggle.

That individual who comes from an Armenian beginning has memories about his household when he was younger. In a flashback of his female parent ‘s image, he sees traditional Armenian apparels and traditional Armenian dance, he even hears the traditional music she used to listen to. Despite that, in his ain image, he sees cool apparels and dancing type which are associated with music like dad, hip-hop and stone. All these things that his female parent want him to go forth buttocks, or at least cut back on, and be a small more Armenian, are what all people of his age making. It is the manner of life now in that coevals, in which he is, whether he likes it or non, a portion of. To bury what his parents are making and seeking to learn him, and blend in the cool Acts of the Apostless of his age.

Another thing he remembers is an incident affecting his female parent and sister. When they were all acquiring ready and dressing up to travel to a marrying party, his sister was fixing herself by have oning a bloomerss and a T-shirt. His female parent instantly got angry at her and told her that respectful ladies wear a frock or a skirt when they go to a formal event. The sister was non positive and said to her female parent: “ But that ‘s what all misss are have oning presents. ” Anyhow, after a long statement, his sister agreed to have on a frock.

As for his male parent, who he ever remembers as a reader of books, used to state him to take advantage of his free clip and larn something new that will be good for him in the hereafter. For illustration, he advised him to read the books of his following scholar twelvemonth during summer holiday to be better in categories. However, he ever found an alibi non to make so, like stating him that books are tiring, and inquiring him, “ Do n’t I read plenty during school clip? ; ” plus the ultimate alibi, that everybody now watches films alternatively of reading books which are going old fashioned.

The ground for his behaviour is his observation of the people of his age, and the effects they carry on him when he wants to be like them. It is the general construct in his coevals, which is altering the behaviour of all people, and drawing everyone off from the traditions of their older household members. Such stereotypes may be unsafe to their individualities. The danger of canceling and burying these individualities, or what Hilal references as a rubric of her verse form “ The Sin of Forgetfulness. ” It was this specific danger that his parents were afraid of.

Even with his antecedently mentioned behaviour, he sometimes did what his parents wanted him to. In one summer holiday, he spent his clip listening to Armenian music, watching some Armenian dance manners on tape and reading some of the books that were suggested by his male parent. However, as he did so, he was instantly rejected by fellow comrades who classified him as an “ old school ” member. Therefore, he went back to his old behaviour he used to move like before that summer holiday. However, it was no longer what his coevals was like any longer. They had changed! In fact they had changed excessively fast and excessively much that they do n’t cognize of it, they do n’t even retrieve a big figure of their old actions and manners. For illustration, the physical game autos they used to play with are no longer accepted ; they now play with practical autos generated by computing machine games. Even in the instance of his sister, who was declining to have on frocks and skirts, is have oning them now because other misss are making so excessively. Although it is non the same manner of frocks his female parent used to have on.

It was like the industrial revolution which has changed the universe 180A° throughout a really little period of clip, and it still is. “ There is no precise day of the month for these progresss, but in the old ages between 1760-1830, alteration was so rapid that the period became known as that of the Industrial Revolution ” ( Davies 2 ) . In fact, it might be the industrial revolution itself that has caused this difference in behaviour between parents and kids in the first topographic point ; and so changed even the kids ‘s behaviour into a newer 1. The different Fieldss of scientific discipline that were n’t in being and have emerged during the industrial revolution, like psychological science, computing machine scientific discipline, familial technology, nanotechnology and much more, changed people ‘s position about a batch of things. For illustration, some of psychological science ‘s surveies claim that the bodily penalty of kids affects their normal physical and mental growing, “ kids ‘s drama besides may be affected by household force ” ( Kashani and Allan 30 ) , and for that ground, rather a large figure of people are altering the manner they punish their kids into intangible. All these alterations in people ‘s behaviours and rules are bring forthing a new stereotype, a stereotype so strong that it is making out even for the neonates the minute they open their eyes.

Personally, a few old ages ago, I had several experiences and consequences of them which made me take to be a portion of my on-going coevals. Such experiences as playing computing machine games and utilizing internet a long clip, which came to my behaviour after purchasing a computing machine for the first clip, my parents who do non cognize how to utilize it told me it was non utile and will merely destroy my seeing. These experiences resulted in utile results because they taught me a really of import and utile accomplishment of computing machine usage. The new alterations I was seeing in my friends and in the environment around me affected me and pulled me in the bill of exchange of alteration, and the pulling was really powerful and fast, because sometimes when I tried to maintain up with the new computing machine hardware or package, I was non able to, as there was different parts of them demoing up every twenty-four hours.

Despite all these alteration which show that an older individual ‘s coevals is different from the young person ‘s, some people still argue that it is merely a impermanent alteration and non a lasting difference. However, this is non true, because the alteration in some countries of scientific discipline and engineering that affects us in a manner or another can non alter back into the old status. For illustration, smaller and faster computing machines which are being built and used by people in different countries of life will do it about impossible to travel back to the old, bigger and slower computing machines which are extremely inefficient presents.

In decision, the coevalss are altering with clip. And whether people like it or non, they have to be a portion of the coevals of their clip if they are to last their lives. However, being a portion of the current coevals does non intend to wholly bury the former values and traditions. They can retrieve those values from clip to clip by naming them the art of their yesteryear, and by that manner, they can intermix in their coevals and still keep their heritage that was one time the cool and opinion coevals stereotype.