The novel their eyes were watching god

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Do you desire play, love, and passion ; well that ‘s what I experienced in the book “ Their Eyess Were Watching God ” by Zora Neale Hurston. In this book Janie is the chief character. Janie has been through three hard and different matrimonies. You will see how Logan and Joe treated Janie so ill. But Tea Cake was a existent adult male and cognize how to handle Janie.

Janie ‘s first hubby was Logan. The lone ground that Janie and Logan got was married was because Janie ‘s grandma wanted her to get married Logan because she wanted Janie to populate a stable life, with person that could take attention of her and besides because Logan had 60 estates of land. Logan ne’er paid any attending to Janie. Janie ne’er got a interruption when she was married to Logan she was ever bossed around. Logan though Janie could manage all the work but it was truly forcing Janie off. Janie began non to stand Logan and ran off with Joe. Logan thought everyone spoiled Janie including himself, and he thought that should halt.

Joe Starks was Janie ‘s 2nd hubby. Joe Starks was brassy, smart, and loving. Janie ran off with Joe so they live at that place in a new town that was built by African Americans. Joe was nice to Janie until the power if being city manager got to him. He made Janie wear nicer apparels than the other adult females. Besides, Janie was non allowed to talk when the townspeople gathered the shop. Janie began to experience unloved. On Joe ‘s decease bed Janie told Joe that he would ne’er allow her be herself around him or anybody else. Joe ne’er let Janie maintain her hair down, he ever made her maintain it in a caput shred because the cats started look intoing her out, and he wanted his lady to himself so he started to go insecure. When Joe became badly he became really insecure about everything that Janie did.

Janie did non like to be told what to make or how to make it. Joe could non see that because Janie was ever making what Joe wanted because she knew that is how marriage works. Janie ran the shop, cooked and still had to maintain up with things at her ain place. Plus when Joe thought something was incorrect he yelled at Janie, and one clip he even hit her. Janie did non experience that she had deserved to be beaten because she did nil wrong in her eyes.

Then you could see that Logan and Joe truly did non love Janie. Joe on the other manus loved Janie but non for who she was but for what he wanted her to be. Janie did non like the manner she was being treated so she began non to care for work forces like Logan and Joe. Janie knew some twenty-four hours true love was traveling to come when the clip was right. Janie merely moved on with her life until that one adult male came along. The lone thing that Janie truly wanted was to happen true love, and that ‘s when she met Tea Cake.

Janie so met the love of her life Tea Cake in Eatonville. Tea Cake loved Janie he liked how she caught on to things so rapidly. So Tea Cake taught Janie a batch of things like how to hit a handgun, shooting gun, and rifle. Tea Cake besides taught Janie how to play draughtss and even how to angle. He ever kept a smiling on Janie ‘s face because he ne’er wanted her to ache Janie. Tea Cake did n’t desire her to pass her ain money he wanted to do money and spend it on Janie. So he did anything and everything for Janie even in the hurricane. Then Tea Cake got hydrophobias from the Canis familiaris that bit him in the face. All of a sudden Tea Cake had got sicker and Janie had to kill the love of her life. Tea Cake was a existent nice individual he had regard for everything and everyone, he ne’er truly disrespected anyone. Tea Cake stole Janie ‘s money when they foremost got married so that he could travel and acquire some nutrient for him and Janie but alternatively he ended up non coming back for a few yearss and gambled Janie ‘s money and besides got himself a guitar with that money. He besides told Janie that he would pay her dorsum when he got a existent occupation, and when he got a existent occupation he did pay her all 200 dollars back.

So in decision love merely comes one time in a life-time. You can anticipate people to alter if they think what they are making is okay. Peoples deserve the same regard you give yourself. Using people is non love nor make friendly relationships if you ca n’t appreciate them for who they are merely go forth them entirely. Janie found the love of her life that treated her with every bit much regard as he perchance could ; they fell in love and lived the best life that they could together until Tea Cake died.