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In this universe of fright, it is near to impossible to non fear something. Fear itself is being pumped through the cyberspace, newspapers, and Television. It seems like the lone manner you wo n’t be afraid of something, is if you ‘re already dead. Everywhere we go, we are faced with different types of frights: Arachnophobia ( The fright of spiders ) , Acrophobia ( The fright of highs ) , and Social Phobia ( The fright of societal state of affairss ) are some of the most common frights ( About.com ) . Yes fright can be a great motive ; non seeking to acquire yelled at from a parent for a low class, non acquiring into a good university, losing a occupation, all help us force ourselves even that much more to avoid those state of affairss. But the one large fright that I have had has made me seek to the best of my ability to non be caught in any state of affairs with this “ thing ” . Childish, yes, one of the biggest frights knows, besides yes. If you have n’t got it by now, I will present you to my enemy ; his name is Darkness. Ok after all the laughter ceases, I will explicate more. A fright, yes, a phobic disorder, you decide. As a kid, I was blessed and cursed with a great imaginativeness, and that imaginativeness got me into both a batch of chances and jobs. The uncertainness of what is out at that place, the fact that we have to confront it everyplace, and what society has taught me about the dark has created a really large disfavor for the darkness.

Before my household goes to bed we patrol around the house to do certain the doors and Windowss are locked and to do certain nil looks out of the ordinary. Why do we make this? Because most offenses happening at dark. From colzas, to slayings, and robbery, the best clip for a culprit to move is in the screen of dark. “ Wrongdoers armed with a gun, knife, or other object used as a arm in an estimated 22 % of all incidents of violent offense ” ( Bureau of Justice Statistics ) . Yes a batch of offenses do go on during the twenty-four hours, but because we are n’t in a post- revelatory society, people are n’t seeking to be seen while they are interrupting the jurisprudence. Because we evidently are n’t cats, we ca n’t see every bit good at dark as we could during the twenty-four hours, so we are at in an component of exposure. I do n’t cognize about you, but non being able to clearly see what is around me is n’t my description of a merriment clip.

Merely like clockwork, the Sun sets, the Moon rises, and on car pilot, the existence does that every twenty-four hours, 365 yearss a twelvemonth. Living in California, the Sun is our best friend. He is a frequent visitant to our “ Sun radiance State ” . But merely like it is everyplace else in the universe, the Sun must put sooner or later. Wither you are running from the constabulary or your friend in a game of ticket, there ‘s is ever a opportunity that you can acquire off. I am saddened to state, that is n’t the instance with the dark. Ironically we assume that because the Sun is out, darkness ca n’t touch us. Well badly throw you into a cupboard with no visible radiation and lock you in there ‘s and you can state me how that works out. Unless you are populating on the Sun, you will hold to confront the threat named “ Night ” .

As we grown up, we try to frighten ourselves and others with chilling narratives and films. Each chilling and evil scene takes topographic point dark or at least in a dark graveyard, a dark warehouse or some other dark and chilling topographic point. Society as a whole supports the thought and the perceptual experience that darkness is chilling. The myths of lamias tell us that we are merely safe from them during the twenty-four hours clip, a clip when they are non able to banquet. Werewolfs come out on the dark of a full Moon. Devils make trades at the hamlets on dazed pitch black darks. From faith to Hollywood we are taught that darkness is bad and the visible radiation is good, ( unless you are easy about to decease, so you should remain off from the visible radiation ) . As a Christian, I know that Christ is represented by the visible radiation, everything that is good and pure, and that the Devil is represented by the darkness, everything that is bad and evil, so of course I associate everything that is bad and evil to the dark. From our immature ages, we are told and experience the comfort and the safety of the visible radiation

When we feel, or sense that we are in danger, our encephalons immediately reacts. It sends message that leap starts the nervous system. Our organic structure ‘s physically respond doing faster pulse, rapid external respiration, and an addition in blood force per unit area ( Teen Health ) . Then we prepare the organic structure for physical action ( such as running or contending ) . This reaction is known as “ battle or flight ” because our organic structures get ready to either “ battle ” off the danger or take “ flight ” , run fast to acquire off. Sometimes fear is set off by something that makes us leap or unforeseen ( like a loud noise ) , even if it ‘s non unsafe. Like I said before, I have a wild imaginativeness, so my head likes to play fast ones on me. But when I am in the dark, my head seems to hold the upper manus. All ground is thrown out the window, and Hollywood world stairss in. Am I deathlike afraid of the dark, no. Do I have less merriment in the dark than others? I ‘m certain I do. The mere fact that there is an uncertainness of what is out at that place, you will ever be faced with I, and what I have been molded to be taught what darkness is, does n’t truly assist me with my disfavor of fright. Yeah I like to travel out with my friends at dark, but being entirely is a different narrative. Has this essay helped me with my “ frights ” , no, but it was interesting to delve deep into why darkness makes me uncomfortable. I think that it will be me verses the evil darkness boulder clay I die ; I guess we merely have to see who wins.

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